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Ham So Won apologizes amidst the controversy on 'Flavor of Wife' + says it's all her fault


Ham So Won has apologized for her actions and stated that she realized she has a lot of issues to work on. 

Ham So Won has been embroiled in controversy and criticism after the past few episodes of 'Flavor of Wife' have shown the family conflict between her and husband Jin Hua and his mother. On June 17, the actress uploaded a post to her personal Instagram stating through a series of hashtags: 

"After seeing the broadcast, I realized I have a lot of problems. I acknowledge this and will work to change myself a little at a time. They say people learn until they die. I will live with that thought."

Although many netizens criticized Ham So Won for her attitude towards her husband, which was often portrayed as condescending, they did acknowledge that the mother in law overstepped a lot of boundaries. On the most recent broadcast of the show, Jin Hua's mother and Ham So Won clashed constantly regarding issues on childcare, including the use of buttless baby pants and the fact that the mother in law tried to feed the grandchild food that she had chewed in her mouth. 

Many netizens criticized Ham So Won's tone towards her mother-in-law as sharp and rude. However, some netizens also acknowledged that the mother-in-law had overstepped her boundaries regarding those matters, blaming Jin Hua for not taking more of role in controlling the situation. Netizens commented on a wide range of reactions, stating: 

"Putting food you chewed in the baby's mouth can lead to cavities and other problems. Just because she's your mother-in-law doesn't mean you should condone those actions. Ham So Won does need to treat her husband with more respect though."

"She did nothing wrong when arguing with her mother in law. You need to be sharp and firm with matters like these. How dare she try to put food that was in her mouth into the baby's mouth. But I do acknowledge Ham So Won needs to respect her husband more."

"The way she treats her husband makes me embarrassed as a fellow Korean."

"I just don't want to see these types of programs anymore." 

We hope the couple works out their issues and lives happily.  

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Bird feeding a child or infant is just gross regardless of it being done by a parent or grandparent. There is plenty of food on the market for babies and toddlers without people resorting to this especially if they can afford certain luxuries in life.



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