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Big Bang's Daesung releases official statement in response to illegal business at his Gangnam building


Big Bang's Daesung has released an official statement of apology, in light of the recent controversy surrounding a building he owns in Gangnam. 

Read Daesung's statement below: 

"Hello, this is Daesung. First and foremost, I want to deliver my sincerest apologies to everyone for causing worries through such an incident while I'm currently away serving in the military. 

The building in question in the media reports is a building that I purchased before my enlistment, and it is still under my name. I was summoned for my mandatory service almost immediately after purchasing this building, and as a result, there were aspects to maintaining this building which fell to poor standards. I want to once again apologize for this aspect. 

When I purchased this building, leaseholders were already running businesses inside, and so I was unaware of the types of illegal businesses the leaseholders were running. Regarding those who are found guilty of running illegal businesses, I plan to take strict legal action; furthermore, I promise to do my best to take full responsibility as the owner of the building.

Even if it is too late, I admit to my shortcomings and am reflecting on my actions. I will earnestly take responsibility for any wrongdoings. Thank you."

According to reports back on July 25, Daesung purchased this particular building back in 2017 for approximately 31,000,000,000 KRW (~ 26,000,000 USD). Sources alleged that a "strange" drinking establishment was active in the basement level of this building, likely involved in illegal prostitution services. 

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Chark_Attack1,373 pts Thursday, July 25, 2019 5
Thursday, July 25, 2019

Glad he released a statement. It seems to be a mess that would take a while to untangle. He sounded sincere to be but since he is in YG, he is essentially automatically in the negative as far as trust is concern for a lot of people. I hope he has good legal and building management help to get this straightened out.


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83degrees2,706 pts Thursday, July 25, 2019 46
Thursday, July 25, 2019

We yea. He's been in the military for 2 years. People say it's possible he knew but will call anyone that says it's possible he DIDN'T know a delulu. If he were out in the public, I'd understand because in that case, you hear rumors you investigate. But the fact that he has been serving while this was happening like, seriously. Not to mention, it's not like someone will advertise I SELL HOOKERS on their leasing agreements. But it's big bang so the hate is natural for most


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