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Henry says it's upsetting how people always take him lightly


Henry is not always fun and jokes. 

On the May 9 airing of KBS Cool FM's 'AKMU Suhyun's Volume Up,' Henry was asked if he ever gets upset with people who take him lightly. The singer replied, "People think I always joke around and it's true, but I am serious sometimes too. Sometimes I am."

He continued, "I do get upset from time to time. I am a human too. I think I get very serious when it comes to music."

When asked what he enjoys doing during his time alone, Henry said, "I secretly go to the Han River when I want a break. I sometimes lay on the grass by myself. And I take selfies and send them to my friends."

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Hwiyoung96346 pts Thursday, May 9, 2019 2
Thursday, May 9, 2019

Finally he spoke about it. He is not the only one like that. There many idols who have the same problem.

Seventeen Jun is also chinese like Henry and loves to play jokes. He always happy and playful, and therefor the members don't take him serious sometimes and also make jokes about him and imitate him. I know that Jun once said that he likes when the members can imitate each other cause it's fun. Jun is the most positive member in group and very pure. But at the end of the day i think that sometimes it's way too much how they imitate him. All of them imitate each other, but the way they imitate him is hurtful. At the end of the day, Jun is also human. Jun is very thoughtful, matrue and the most selfless person i've seen.

Being playful, joking, being weird and having fun doesn't mean that you can't be serious. Especially these kind of people are the most mature when it gets serious. I wish that they would respect them more. I'm happy that Henry spoke out. I love him cause he is hella funny, but i also know that he can be very serious.


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TIndran1,733 pts Thursday, May 9, 2019 3
Thursday, May 9, 2019

This is EXACTLY the reason why Jackson (GOT7) stopped being in variety programs. Even a musically gifted artist as Henry feels that his "playful" comedic side interferes with how people view his music - which is great by the way. Jackson saw this coming and stopped at the time when almost every program wanted him. Even if they did not know GOT7 they knew Jackson. When he tried to show a calmer side in Radio Star and in recent interviews, he gets called off for being fake and having the "artist-sickness". All he wanted was improve his producing/rap/singing/dance skills and for people to recognize his efforts. Fans who actually follow him and not just his variety programs know that even to this day Jackson still has a playful side BUT is very passionate and serious in regard to making music.


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