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Posted by kpopfansince20130 pt Saturday, December 8, 2018

What You Should Know About the KPOP Industry Before Protecting BLACKPINK Jennie


A/N: This discussion is based on my own personal opinions and observations as a KPOP Fan. However, I do hope that this is an article that tries to be unbiased and helps you see both sides of the story while also showing you what I think of the situation.

Edit 2:

After a lot of debate and talking with many of the people that have commented. There are many things I see wrong with what I wrote. I stated that I was trying to be unbiased and show both sides of the story, yet I didn't do that - that was wrong of me. I also realize that I didn't really consider Jennie's POV and how her mental health may be affecting her performance. It was wrong of me to assume that Jennie's state of mind is normal and healthy and that she has no problems within her day to day life.

I really liked intricate's link to a video that addresses a more unbiased opinion of Jennie. So, I hope you watch that video rather than read my bad article.

This is my new formulated opinion based on the comments I've read on this post and the video that has been shared with me.

I am disappointed in Jennie's lack of professionalism and how she has dealt with the problems that have occurred in her career thus far. However, I understand that she may be going through a tough time mentally and hopes that she can take a break to comeback healthier mentally.

I sincerely apologize for the lack of research I did before putting up my writing. I realize now that it was very wrong and spontaneous of me to do so.


The first thing I need to address is why are netizens criticizing BLACKPINK’s Jennie and her performances in the recent months. If you have not been caught up, a video was posted a while back that compared Jennie’s performances at the beginning of her debut to now. It shows how her performance seems to have become rather lackluster and weak in comparison to the other members of BLACKPINK.

Now, let’s focus on the KPOP Industry. The main things that I have noticed are important to any KPOP Group include musical ability, choreography, and entertainment. The thing about being a KPOP Idol is that you must be able to sing or rap, dance well, and be interesting enough that people will keep watching you. I am going to focus on choreography, because this is where netizens are claiming Jennie is lazy.

First and Foremost, every KPOP Fan must understand that many KPOP Companies train these idols hours and hours on end to assure that the choreography is executed powerfully and precisely.

When attempting to learn certain choreographies of KPOP Songs, I noticed that even though I knew the directions and movements of a choreography, it still didn’t look right in comparison to what the idols perform. This was because I was lacking in power, impact, and stage presence.

BLINKS have been protecting Jennie claiming that others are critical just because she has missed one move, but it’s not just missing a part of the choreography, she isn’t putting any power or precision into her movements. She’s just going through the motions.

If you look at the video of Jennie performing for an event in China, there are clear moments when she does not even bother to properly execute the proper dances as if it was still rehearsal. There have been claims that she has been placing less emphasis on the dance in order to focus on singing, but it is a given that any KPOP Idol should be able to sing somewhat stably while performing to their full potential at the same time.

I do acknowledge that Jennie could be stressed out or tired because of her solo debut. However, she was the one that chose this career path and should dedicate her time to working her hardest. If you look at many other idols, some have passed out and hurt themselves from working so hard. Jennie is not doing any of those things and she appears to be perfectly normal and healthy. The money she makes is dependent on her performance to her fans. If she does not perform to the best of her ability in front of her fans, should she really be making the money she is making?

Anyways, I conclude that BLACKPINK’s Jennie has become arrogant because of the popularity of BLACKPINK and her solo debut. When she lacks the motivation and work ethic of a KPOP Idol, there is nothing I can do but be disappointed in her. There is no excuse for her attitude toward the fanbase she has built. They have dedicated so much time and effort to help her reach success, yet she can’t even try to provide BLINKS with a good time to remember for their hard work?

Edit: After gaining a little more insight from your comments, I decided to do a little bit of 'research'. I found this Quora. I think it really sums up what I was trying to say while also adding in many things I overlooked.

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dancingbella23983 pts Saturday, December 8, 2018 5
Saturday, December 8, 2018

If I may add something, I have learned and covered many kpop dances with my uni kpop dance group. We have done both boy and girl group dances. Boy group choreography are A LOT more tiring than girl groups, for example when we covered BTS FIRE, we basically lost energy by the time we finished the first chorus because there were so many jumps involved. Girl group dances on the other hand, are not as bad. We have just had a performance in November, where we combined half of Forever Young, all of Playing with Fire and half of DDDD together and danced almost 8 minutes straight. Yes it was tiring, but it was DOABLE. And 2 of the girls in the groups are not even trained dancers, they just practice 1-2 hours almost every day. If people like us can dance full out (with way more energy than Jennie) and we are just normal uni students, what excuse does Jennie, who is TRAINED to be a kpop idol, have???


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Elkie28 pts Saturday, December 8, 2018 0
Saturday, December 8, 2018

It's wrong to assume someone has mental health issues too. She or YG can easily come forward and offer an explanation, yet have chosen not to. The shielding over speculations is ridiculous. Her performances were poor and she owes an explanation.



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