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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Monday, May 14, 2018

Idols that Love Anime

1. Minzy
Also another big fan of One Piece, Minzy has shared various pictures of her wearing Chopper's Hat. She tweeted it with the caption:

"쵸파모자^^ かわいでしょう?! Chopper hat^^ It's cute, isn't it?!"
2. F.T. Island
During one of their concerts, they had a life-size figurine of Toriko on their stage to show their admiration for the anime.
3. U-Kwon from Block B
U-Kwon has previously said in an interview that he is an otaku. Fans have compared him to various anime characters such as Gaara from Naruto.

4. Mina from TWICE
Being Japanese, she was born and raised in the anime culture. There have been pictures and videos of her playing games alongside her anime bodypillows showing her as the true otaku she is.

5. REN from Nu'est
REN is also a great fan of One Piece and has been seen carrying around his favorite Luffy plush.
6. SHINee
Our sweetest nerds have variously shown their love for anime through their visitations to anime museums and even cosplaying! Onew has been seen wearing Choppers hat around during concerts, Taemin attempted Goku's Instant Transmission, Key went to the One Piece museum, and Jonghyun (RIP) and Key have cosplayed as Naruto and Piccolo (from DBZ) for Halloween.
7. Eunhyuk from Super Junior
Eunhuk is also a great fan of One Piece, a very popular anime and has been shown with his collections of One Piece toys.
8. U-Kiss
All of U-Kiss members are known to love One Piece, especially Hoon and Soohyun. Hoon loves it so much he actually named his dog Chopper
9. Suho from EXO
Suho has previously proudly shared his collection of mangas.
10. Suga from BTS
Suga is a big fan of anime and Naruto. He even dressed up as Naruto and Kakashi!

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