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Netizens think 'The Unit' has already forgotten its goal of rebooting idols

Viewers were not impressed with 'The Unit'.

KBS' show was advertised and tagged as the 'idol-rebooting show' by themselves. Viewers watched the first episode expecting idols who had some debuting experience and just had not managed to make it (much like NU'EST). However, many of the idols that had been accepted by the show are being criticized as many are just rookies.

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Some just-debuted idol groups (such as C9 Entertainment's Good Day) had come out onto 'The Unit', along with a 13-year-old trainee, an actor-in-training, and more. Viewers thought the show had already lost its goal of giving idols a second chance.

Comments such as "They call this an idol-rebooting project, but what's with the 13-year-old trainee and an actor who's been on 'Golden Bell'?", "I watched this show because it was a rebooting program and they were going to look at desperation and potential and then look at talent... But actor Lee Jung Ha was chosen just because he was cute... There's a group that just debuted.. And a 13-year-old who probably hasn't really suffered.. Doesn't it make more sense for people like Dal Shabet, SPICA, Ahreum, Big Star, Boyfriend, who have debuted but haven't really made it? There are a lot of people who have debuted a long time ago who haven't been able to reach their potential... They shouldn't have let people who are in their first year of debuting, or those without any singing experience to have applied..", "The goal of giving a chance to idols who have already debuted but didn't make it is already gone. Groups that failed or members that left current groups should have come out for a second chance.. But rookies who have been out for a few months have come out... An actor-in-training has come out with a Kim So Hye concept... He has no charm but he has so much screen time and even has Rain supporting him.. Just blatantly pushing him forward... And a 13-year-old is rebooting? What's there to reboot? "

Did you watch the first episode? What did you think?

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