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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Friday, October 20, 2017

Idols and their Meaningful Tattoos


Tattoos aresomewhat of ataboo in Korea but recent trends of KPOP idols and celebrities show that tattoos are becoming more accepted.

Here are some of our favorite celebrities and their tattoos they flaunt proudly.


G-Dragon is one of the idols that have the most tattoos out there. He seems to get one after every major event and each one holds a very special meaning to him.

"Too fast to live, too young to die" is saying we should all live life to the fullest. One would rather have an exciting life and die young than livea life that's long but with no adventure and just boredom. "Vita Dolce" means "the good life" in Italian but he also knows to keep things in moderation with "moderato" on the other arm. He also has a Dragon Ball with 8 stars on it (in the anime there is only up to 7 stars). The number 8 relates to G-Dragon because he was born on 8/18/1988.


The diva queen of Korea is no stranger to tattoos that are just as elegant as she is. The one on her arm reads, 'Walk lightly in the spring, mother earth is pregnant" that shares Hyori's love for nature.

Block B's Taeil

The short hyung of Block B is known to decorate his arm with bright and colorful images. He has one of the number "7" as asymbol of good fortune. The ones that stand outthe most are the cheetah and flower/hand grenade tattoos.


Due to a previous stomach surgery that left a scar (read more about her health complications here), Hyorin sought a way to cover it up as to not draw attention to it. According to her, the scar was her complex and she wanted to express her religion and her will to sing for other people.

WINNER's Seunghoon

After a lot of hardship from the survival show 'Who is Next?', WINNER finally made their much-anticipated debut with "Empty". Rapper Seunghoon inked their WINNER logo on his neck as a tribute to the Inner Circle fandom thanking them for their continuous love and support.


HyunA is known to have a lot of tattoos but the one that proves her sweetness is the one on her shoulder. It reads "My mother is the heart that keeps me alive,' which is a kind dedication to her mother that she holds near and dear.

JYJ's Jaejoong

Jaejoong has various tattoos that carry different meanings to him. On his back has the words "The pleasure of the mighty are the tears of the poor"and "A song will outlive all sermons in the memory" as well as "Hope to the end" which are all dedications to his fans and his members.

iKON's Bobby

The charismatic rapper from iKON shares a tattoo with his father that reads "Fear only god, hate only sins." The bond between him and his father is a strong one that inspires Bobby to push himself to his limits.

f(x)'s Amber

Amber, the idol that redefines the K-POP industry, is known to have beautifully intricate tattoos. One of the most meaningful is the notes of the chorus of "Beautiful" on her inner arm because to her it's a reminder that she can achieve anything as long as she believes.

Jay Park

Last but not least is Jay Park. The immensely popular idol has been getting more tattoos every year starting in 2010. Each tattoo for him is a representation of his music, family, crew, and his morals. Each ink that he adds on is to preserve and honor those things that he holds near and dear. You see tattoos of his hometown team, the Seattle Mariners, you see an Art of Movement (AOMG) tattoo. Every tattoo has a special meaning to Jay Park.

What other idols have meaningful tattoos that you love? Share below!

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