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Neighbors living in the same apartment building as Wanna One beg sasaeng fans to leave

Wanna One
Neighbors living in the same apartment building as Wanna One are filing complaints about sasaeng fans. 

On August 3, a netizen claiming to be a neighbor of Wanna One shared their concerns about sasaeng fans on an online community. 

According to B, fans blocked the path of B and his/her grandfather when they were trying to enter the apartment building right after a member of Wanna One entered. The grandfather got angry and told the sasaeng fans to "get lost." To this, the sasaeng fans fired back, leading to a scuffle. 

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B also claims s/he once found a sasaeng fan sleeping on the stairs. B asked, "What are you doing? Hurry and get out," however, the sasaeng fan didn't listen at all and simply ignored B. Furthermore, B claims flies have filled the building as sasaeng fans left trash and empty cup ramens.


Sometimes sasaeng fans would even ask the neighbors to deliver gifts to Wanna One. When declined the offer, sasaeng fans fired back with curse words. 

Stressed out by the inconvenience, B dearly begged, "Sasaeng fans, a lot of you look young and seem to be teenagers. Your parents will be worried about you. Please go home."

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