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Seo Taiji reveals teaser for 25th anniversary concert

By harmony4377   Saturday, June 17, 2017   10,535   756   1



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Seo Taiji has finally released the long awaited teaser for his 25th anniversary concert!

The teaser, titled "MOOV Soundtrack Vol.2" showcases a boom box that plays Seo Taiji and the Boys' iconic hit songs such as "For You" and "I Know", finishing off with a rapid film strip showcasing a snippet of their "Victory" MV.

Additionally, a narration asks toward the end, "Do you need anymore explanations?" In honor of the singer's 25th anniversary, stars such as BTS and Urban Zakapa will also participate in a special project album. 

Check out the teaser above! The concert will take place this September 2 at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium. 

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  1. Seo Taiji and Boys

Jenny130 Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I am so ready for this. Like I'm crying rn. I love them and their songs!!!

Longan_Lychee Saturday, June 17, 2017

This pervert ahjusshi is still active in the entertainment field??

HarryBJ Longan_Lychee Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I heard he is a legend

HarryBJ Longan_Lychee Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sorry I'm foreign and new to kpop

Longan_Lychee HarryBJ Tuesday, June 27, 2017

yeah, Seo Taiji is a legend but a cradle robber pervert too.

HarryBJ Longan_Lychee Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Most legend s are perverts, so idc 😜, I mean who isn't a pervert , everyone has a naughty mind, some express it, while some hides it

BigBlueagain Saturday, June 17, 2017

25 years... Think about that, 25 years, a quarter of a century, THAT is star power!

teleri Saturday, June 17, 2017

Seo Taiji - wow - 25 years...   I was stationed in Hawaii when they were big - I thought they were a JRock band at the time!  Liked what I heard, but I didn't get enough into the music to investigate where it really came from, bad on me.  But I recognized the songs when I heard them on Reply 1994!!!  That kind of thrilled me :D

Max_South teleri Saturday, June 17, 2017

We also have to mention how historical Seo Taiji is for the music besides his own merit, which is dope. The reason is that G-Dragon was chosen by YG, who was Seo's group member, in major part because he is similar to Seo in both vocal performance style and his brazen visual concepts.

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