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Pledis Entertainment releases second statement regarding NU'EST Baekho's sexual assault accusation case

By beansss   Friday, June 23, 2017   122,904   6,140   0



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Pledis Entertainment has released a second statement, further detailing the label's stance in regard to one online user's sexual assault accusation toward NU'EST member and 'Produce 101' season 2 trainee Baekho (Kang Dong Ho).

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The statement is as follows:

"Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment. We would like to announce an official position regrading the false statements relating to our label's artist Kang Dong Ho.

First, all posts being circulated online are completely false. We plan on taking strict legal actions, without any exceptions, against false online posts currently circulating recklessly, as we mentioned before. And to prove Kang Dong Ho's innocence, we are currently processing legal charges on the basis of privacy violation, circulation of false content, creation of initial false posts and spreading them, and more. 

In order to protect our artist's privacy rights, we did not mention any specific content regarding the false rumors in our previous statement. But because distorted information has been spread continuously, we intend to correct the matter. 

The side claiming these false rumors is an acquaintance of Kang Dong Ho (the younger sibling of a former friend from his hometown), whose families also know one another. Once Kang Dong Ho responded to a KakaoTalk message from his acquaintance, the opposing side put forth a startling claim that she had been sexually assaulted, and Kang Dong Ho then asked for a voice call. The opposing side rejected the voice call inquiry, and Kang Dong Ho then contacted the label about the situation. Because Kang Dong Ho is an individual who receives the attention of a lot of people, we prevented him from further contact with his acquaintance until we had better assessment of the situation, thinking that each and every word would be cause for serious consequences. This is why [Kang Dong Ho] rejected any more contact attempts from the opposing side.

Afterward, Kang Dong Ho received a call from another phone number he did not know, and taken back after realizing that the call was from the acquaintance, he was careful about anything he would say, thus being unable to convey much more than that he would contact her later, and ending the call. Regardless of whom the other person on the line is, in a situation where one pours one-sided claims one after another in conversation, Kang Dong Ho could only become more flustered, and gave the simplest responses before hanging up. Despite that, just because he answered one call, false information has been circulating as if the footage containing the acquaintance's one-sided claims provide proof of the incident. 

We would also like to stress that we plan on taking legal actions and demanding that the involved parties take full responsibilities for all illegalities in relation to the false rumors. Thank you."

The online user has yet to make any additional posts since the initial claims.

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waetoriya Monday, June 26, 2017

since this is a sensitive topic,  it's only right that we wait till the statement is justify and the verdict is out..  Whatever it is,  I just hope that the person is not doing this just to receive "temporary fame" for the wrong reasons... If she does it for that,  that I am clearly ashamed of her acts as part of being in the population of woman. Even though I am a fan of Dongho oppa,  until the verdict is out,  it's best to not put fault in anyone and cause misunderstanding of both parties without any evidence.

Nutonuest Sunday, June 25, 2017

From what i read in another translated post, she claims that Dongho 1) put his leg on top of hers in order to pry her legs apart and 2) put his hand into her stockings n then under her underwear to touch her pte part. My question is, what happened to the bags that were on her lap? And as a woman, i do wear stockings under my skirt sometimes. It would take quite a lot of effort for another person to do all that to me in a sitting position without it looking weird or obvious to the people around. I feel sorry for victims of any form of abuse or sexual assaults. However i feel her story doesnt hold a lot of water. Whoever is the victim or perpetrator in this case doesnt matter as i feel that both parties will have a hard time recovering from this scandal. There are no real winners in this kind of situation. But i still hope truth comes to light soon.

fxcx09 Nutonuest Friday, June 30, 2017

Now that u mentioned it, yeah whatever on earth happened to the supposed bag that was on her lap actually? I was neutral at first until the inconsistencies were brought to light, makes me lean towards Dongho's side now (it seems unlikely he actually did do what she claims he did) but we cant be too sure. I do think she isnt being truthful 100% and if she really is assaulted, she's just hitting herself in the head with this way of ratting him out.

Nutonuest fxcx09 Saturday, July 1, 2017

She definitely didn't do herself any favours by choosing to handle things this way. She had 2 intents. 1) for him to apologise to her and 2) for him to leave the industry. Both intents could have been accomplished by handling matters privately, between the 2 families. Dongho could have just "retired". It's a delicate matter and as members of the public, we will really never know the truth. It's just which side we lean towards more.

yonyulsic Sunday, June 25, 2017

If that girl was lying then korea must do a severe punishment for those who's lying about sexual assault. It's becoming a serious trend in korea this year. How many news we read so far about woman black mailing idol for abusing and sexual assault. It's hard now to believe in the real victims

JUKEB0X Saturday, June 24, 2017

no matter how this ends, i'm going to be extremely disappointed in someone. if this girl is telling the truth, i hope dongho faces consequences. but if she's lying, i hope she's punished for it. sexual assault, is no joke. if she's so done this just to cause harm to someone's reputation, then i hope she realizes how much damage she's done not only for donngho, but for actual victims of sexual assault. it's already hard enough for them to come out about it, and things like this are the reason people don't always believe these things, hence making it harder for victims. however, if dongho did actually assault this girl, there is no excuse for it. it doesn't matter if people "can't see him doing it" or "he was too young to know what he was doing". assault is assault, and people need to be held responsible. just because he's an idol doesn't mean he's excused from suffering real world consequences. i don't mean to sound biased in any way and i hope i didn't come off like i was. ultimately, i want the truth to be found and for the guilty party to be held responsible. (sorry if this posted twice by the way, my phone is being weird)

exomelia Saturday, June 24, 2017

I'm glad y'all are being supportive of Dongho, but please be careful with your wording about the girl involved in this. This is a serious topic and certain phrases can seem as if you're not supportive to assault survivors who take a while to come out about the subject. I get that this case seems pretty fishy, but please bear in mind that there are people on the internet who are affected by your words other than the girl in this situation.

jwyimpact Saturday, June 24, 2017

Innocent until proven guilty. Bring it up to court, Pledis!

Cieli Saturday, June 24, 2017

I don't know who is the one in wrong here but I pray that the justice prevails.. Just like in ace attorney game where the evil gets his judgement in the end.. I hope onibugi leader doesn't get stressed so much that he becomes bald for real.. Though bald onibugi still cute and handsome..

Imani24 Cieli Saturday, June 24, 2017

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Funky_Angel Saturday, June 24, 2017

Maybe if her stories weren't so inconsistent I would be neutral and wait to see but it's wayyy too suspicious that her story keeps changing and it's things that wouldn't be easily forgotten like what year you graduated in with or without dongho, if your brother was in the car, or if you told your mom etc like those are things that shouldn't be inconsistent. No one is above the law especially sexual harassment but this one really gives me a gut feeling that it isn't true. And if it's proven to be false I'd be so upset because there are people truly affected by sexual harassment and she'd be making a mockery of it.

Vivianlsv Saturday, June 24, 2017

i am glad they are doing better to protect their artist now, take legal action against her, thats the only way to prove his innocence and serve as warning for the others

highlight95 Friday, June 23, 2017

pledis is doing better now at protecting nuest

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