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Dara illustrates her doll-like glamour for 'Marie Claire Hong Kong'

By KpopJoA   Saturday, March 25, 2017   44,182   9,403   17



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On March 25, Dara posted a photo on her Instagram page from her latest photo shoot with fashion magazine 'Marie Claire Hong Kong'.

She wrote, "Marie Claire Hong Kong April 2017," and revealed the cover image for the newest issue of herself wearing a black dazzling dress.

Dara will be starring in the leading role of film 'One Step'.

  1. Dara

jeannesakarias Monday, March 27, 2017

so cute and so young

kddicted Sunday, March 26, 2017

She's gorgeous

emanresu10 Saturday, March 25, 2017

Love Dara.  Hate the hair.

amheizing Saturday, March 25, 2017

such a lovely face 😘💖

nami_chan Saturday, March 25, 2017

so pretty

zenacox (Banned) Saturday, March 25, 2017

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Fariiaa Saturday, March 25, 2017

When are you gonna get married already?!

Lee13 Fariiaa Saturday, March 25, 2017

She is not in her peak of her career yet why does she need to rush. If she still want to earn a lot of money, have to become one of the popular actress in korea and enjoy her life first. If she's ready she knows it so we don't we don't have the right to rush her to get married. She haven't even met her future hubby but if yes and still not in the right time and not ready why should she need to rush. She might have a failure marriage like her parents if she choose the wrong man and it's on the wrong time. She had been thru a lot having seeing her dad making his family suffer. She has not forgotten everything yet and she's got a lot fear, that I believe.

kpophilippines Lee13 Saturday, March 25, 2017

Its not about the peek of her career, or the broken family that she have, its just about no one court her, its just a fan crush from other idol, I remember in a korean show that there are lots of celebrity idol and actor likes her but she said it disappear maybe its because of her personality in a show ( she said the word "disappear" in a show but not directly ), its corny and she acts stupid, like her being funny in the Philippines, maybe she needs to know how to show a comedy side without making her a crazy girl or krung krung. But I read an article that YG praise her because she is now good in a show. ANd where did you get the word she got a lot of fear.

Lee13 kpophilippines Saturday, March 25, 2017

Everyone whose got a broken family experience may be affecting inside a person. For example one of her fears inside of having debts, If you have seen in a show where her brother tries to trick her that he just signed a contract without being the end of the show Heechul, kang hodong and plus her brother revealed at the show that it's just a prank which made her cried a lot. I believe it's one of her fears having so much debt. If a person experience a lot Some of things or a lot of things lacks inside her. We don't really know it's just an act for being too much of her krung krungness on screen but there's a side that she's a very serious adult in her age. She is a very sweet krung krung to her very close friends but there's an other side of her we don't know. You may be also right about some men who wants to court her but when they know her more they lack interest or it can also that she just turn down those men whose courting her because she's an idol at the time. You know idols can't date and reveal dating at her 2ne1 days because of their images and her old contract with YG. Actually I don't like her when she was starting beause they like to make her so krung krung but I learned to love her because you can see how she is really true on screen and off screen. And she really improved a lot in terms of talent in acting and singing. I believe she wants to focus in her career more than being just a house wife. Marriage is just a serious talk and it's not just a game I think she doesn't want to have a husband who cheats and have another woman and leave you with a lot of debt. Don't hate me ok that is how I see I've had psychology subject in the past so I do understand how a human being is when a he/she experienced a lot of pain in the past..

atravista Fariiaa Saturday, March 25, 2017

Is that your problem?

kpophilippines Lee13 Saturday, March 25, 2017

hahaha, its just your illusion, you dindt know her personally, so I dont believe your ideas. You are not Sandara's staff to say that. We never know the true feelings of her until she said something about it. All I know is no one is courting her and I bet she will get married if someone takes her seriously because she is getting old.

kmspl Lee13 Sunday, March 26, 2017

kpophilippines - FYI on "Talking Street" aired just 2 months ago, Dara said that there are a lot of guys who approach/court her (Dara is beautiful, rich, sweet - of course guys would be lining up). Her friends advise her to try and date them then just dump the guy if she's not interested but Dara finds it too difficult to initiate a break up so she'd rather not start a relationship to begin with. It's not that no one courts Dara, it's totally her choice to be single if ever. Ridiculous of you to suggest that her funny personality on tv affects anything (sounded like you just wanted to lowkey diss her again, I've noticed your past posts). Most people would understand that's just work and what matters is how she is in real life. Besides, Dara said on Twitter that she prefers a secret relationship and she'll just let Blackjacks know when she's getting married. For all we know, she could already be taken right now.

Lee13 kpophilippines Sunday, March 26, 2017

hahahahha... don't hate me thats just my opinon......she doesn't need to rush I still wanted her to get more fame and to be one of the top actress in korea hahhahaha. Fame first before marriage and kids. Angelina Jolie got married so late and had kids in a late age why does sandara need to rush hehehehehe. Just my opinion. I love Dara fighting Dara! hahhahaha I hope she's reading this comment hahahaha.

Lee13 kmspl Sunday, March 26, 2017

You are correct. I believe she's really pretty and a lot of men courted her I love her personality like those men does also. And see how she is afraid of having a break up I think it's because she is easily attached to a person. As she has this past of loosing a very important person in her life when her dad leave their mother and them for another woman and another family. I just wanted her to have more fame first like the other actresses who got a lot more fame before they got married. And left with a lot of debt which she is the one who carried the responsibility of paying everything and being the bread winner of her family. I hope she has forgiven her dad so she can totally moved and be brave loving a man, get married and have kids. But I hope she got more fame be one of the top actresses in korea before she have her own family. Remember she still got her mom that she can never leave for a man. That is just my opinon no hating heheheheh. Let's just spread love heheheheh.

kpophilippines Lee13 Sunday, March 26, 2017

hahaha, where did you get the word hate? hahaha, you really made me laugh. You have psychology subject but it doesnt mean you know whats inside of a persons feeling and decision. It doesnt mean for you to be an illusionist about her.

Lee13 kpophilippines Monday, March 27, 2017

hhahaha it's not an's how it is for humans.....some people doesn't know what their lacking ....and there is no perfect satisfaction for every humans life.Actually even billionaire doesn't have happiness some just suicide because of sadness and they want to earn more because they are afraid of being poor. Ohhh well lets go back to dara....I hope she will gain alot of fame in her movie and be popular as an individual artist in Korea. I am here to chear her. That is how my opinion it's not an illusion. If you are an artist in korea it's scary also you have to deal a lot. I am not an artist, I don't like fame I just want to be a fan. Being an artist is scary job. I'm yearning a to be one of the top artist in korea for Dara!!!!!!! WWWWWWooootttt!!!!! fighting Dara!!!!!

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