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Ranking of the best K-Pop dances of 2016

By AllK_Maknae   Wednesday, December 28, 2016   130,702   9,569   0



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2016 has had a lot of ups and downs but there were plenty of songs that brought back our energetic spirit and had us dancing our hearts out! From the cute and trendy to the hardcore and sexy - these groups stole the show in 2016 with their amazing dance performances! Check out the ranking below to see just who saved the dance floor this year and hopefully will next year, too.

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10. Stellar - "Sting" 


Stellar did really well with their comeback track "Sting." The dance is fun and bubbly but exudes sex appeal in a really charming way. The shirt grabbing was done in a refreshing way, and each member's solo dance portion put the back up dancers to good use. It also didn't reek of overdone sex appeal and had a lot of attention-grabbing props such as holding newspapers or their actual album. With their quirky-sounding track and dance to match, the girls stole our hearts with their sweet-as-honey dance routine.

9. Teen Top - "Warning Sign" 


"Warning Sign" went a little bit unnoticed, but that doesn't mean the dance routine wasn't fire! From sharp, knife-like moments to slow and sultry dance steps, TEEN TOP certainly paid homage to their influence, Michael Jackson. I feel mesmerized during the chorus as they move quite fast and intricately, then suddenly slow down and have a strong balance in their movements.

8. IOI - "Very Very Very"

Another dance routine as sweet as sugar, "Very Very Very" was an absolute addiction. Similar to TWICE's "Cheer Up," IOI utilized a very simplistic but charming dance routine that anyone can do and can't resist doing. Filled with a great blend of aegyo and sometimes sexy dance moves, the live is fun to watch and the girls really fill up the stage with their well-organized formations. Plus, the ending is just so darn cute it will have you shaking it up in no time!

7. GOT7 - "Hard Carry" 


GOT7 kept to their strong dance styles, like with "If You Do," through their comeback song, "Hard Carry." Their chorus has a lot of sharp dance moves that emphasizes their manly features. The boys appear to be running wild on stage as they go as low as the floor to as high as the ceiling with their energetic dance routine. Let's not forget that sick instrumental break towards the end where the boys move to the beat of the drum and show us what makes them one of the best boy groups today. Just like the song, the dance goes hard and shows that GOT7 are keeping up with (and making) the trends.

6. TWICE - "Cheer Up"


The dance that, without a doubt, took over everyone's body in 2016! Giving everyone a sense of power, "Cheer Up" has a delightful refrain with an energizing dance to match. The cheerleader-like dance moves that seem to emphasize upward motions go hand in hand with the uplifting mood of the song. Let us not forget how no one could resist putting their hands on their cheeks as they mumbled, "Shy, Shy, Shy!" While it may be super addicting and revitalizing, it hasn't earned the #1 spot on this list.

5. Seventeen - "Pretty U"


Seventeen are back at it again with the intricate routines. The fun dance style is charming, captivating, and wows you with the impressive amount of aegyo. Like watching a musical on Broadway, the boys come to life in a charismatic way as their dance moves tell a story with their lovely lyrics. They utilize a lot of props nicely such as books, couches and even one another. Something about "Pretty U" makes you feel a sense of wonderment with each and every performance.

4. BTS - "Fire"


As expected, BTS never joke around when it comes to their choreography. Going harder than ever before, "Fire" really lights up the stage and wows the crowd due to its edgy movement and endless energy. With a somewhat sporadic dance style matched with their slow and steady motions, BTS get the crowd pumped. It seemed everyone in 2016 had to do a cover of their dance, and BTS keep setting the bar higher and higher with these fast-paced and intricate dance numbers.

3. G-Friend - "Rough"

Don't be fooled - "Rough" is by far one of the best dance routines a girl group could have possibly done in 2016! G-Friend really rocked their stages with their soft and delicate dance moves but also utilized a well-uniformed and structured dance routine that showcased a sense of unity instead of being robotic. Their flowing dresses spin endlessly as the girls hold hands and twirl across the stage and into our hearts.

 2. NCT Dream - "Chewing Gum" 


NCT has had numerous amounts of dance routines worth bragging about but nothing tops NCT Dream's "Chewing Gum." The dance routine starts off with the boys on hover boards and ends with them diving into a well-constructed dance routine. The members utilize their numbers nicely as they group up one moment for some cutesy dance moves then spread out to dominate the stage and showcase their uniformed choreography. In the end, those hover boards were attention-grabbing and really made NCT Dream the talk of 2016.

1. Black Pink - "BOOMBAYAH"

Debuting this year and already dominating the K-Pop scene, Black Pink are a popular group - and with reason! Not only are their songs catchy but also their dance routines are elaborate, sexy, and fierce and showcase their edgy style effortlessly. Similar to 2NE1's intense choreography, the girls of Black Pink strut their stuff and somehow own the stage without any back up dancers. "BOOMBAYAH" consists of a lot of wide, fast, and rough dance moves that emphasis the beat of the dance track. Their organized formations and utilization of each member make them too good to look away from. Other songs such as "Playing With Fire" featured strong dance routines and prove that Black Pink have more tricks up their sleeves - especially through their dance moves.

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shireen_deen Friday, December 30, 2016

I cant help but comment again. Pleese. whoever this person is, go back to review school. Change the title! BEST KPOP dancers? Pleeese!!!. aybe best breakout dancer more like it

LAFF92 Friday, December 30, 2016

Sorry, I have my own list. From 10 - 1 , Infinite The Eye. LOL

inspirit_majji LAFF92 Friday, December 30, 2016

I like you. Let's be friends 😂😂😂 Infinite fighting!!! When many dance icons were not on the list, we create our own. 💪💪💪

Kpopfan091200 Friday, December 30, 2016

this list is sooo stupid!!! It shows how biased it is. TBH there are more groups that deserves to be on this list. I am not a big fan of EXO but how can MONSTER can't be here? I was so stunned and amazed by the coreography!!! Not to hate to BP, but no.1 is too much. I think EXO(monster) or BTS(blood sweat&tears) deserves to be on that spot. TWICE really had sine great and sumple coreographies but let me say SHINEE should be here!!! IOI's WHATTA MAN. My own list:1. EXO or BTS2. GOT 73. SHINEE4. GFRIEND5. SEVENTEEN6. RED VELVET7. IOI8. INFINITE9. BP10. TWICE

QamarBTS Friday, December 30, 2016

Im sorry but who made this stupid list ?! Im not meaning to be disrespectful .. bu cheer up had nothing that we can call special & how come chewing come is before fire & rough ! It shouldnt be on this list from the begginning

blackpinkismine QamarBTS Friday, December 30, 2016

I taught I was d only one that doesn't understand this list

shireen_deen Thursday, December 29, 2016

this list is defunct without exo. Nothing wrong with Black Pibk but their coming in n0 1? elaborate , intense dance from flip of hair , shake of booty and shrug of shoulders? pleeeease

hyoreso Thursday, December 29, 2016

I don't see how special is Stellar's Sting :s. Dal Sahbet's Someone like you it is!!

katiririn Thursday, December 29, 2016

Twice's and IOI's dances being popular doesn't mean their dances being THE BEST... cmon Infinite, SHINee, EXO?? Their choreographies are nowhere to be seen in this list yet they are waaaaay better in difficulty and visually impressive department than Twice's or IOI's choreos..

kihyunnie93 Thursday, December 29, 2016

Monsta X All in? Stuck? Fighter???

torchik37 Thursday, December 29, 2016

lol rly? IOI is on here with very very very and Sistar's I Like That isnt on here at all? OOOOOOOOOOOKAY

PeachyN Thursday, December 29, 2016

What about the legendary INFINITE??? :)

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