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Seo In Young fires back at criticism on her behavior toward Ga In

By yckim124   Wednesday, September 28, 2016   62,665   1,826   19



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On the September 28 broadcast of 'Radio Star', Ga In revealed that she was offended by Seo In Young's informal speech toward Narsha. Seo In Young couldn't hide her shock at Ga In, and said, "You were pissed? You?" After the broadcast, Ga In's story and Seo In Young's reaction became controversial and netizens called out Seo In Young for being rude to Ga In and her fellow Brown Eyed Girls' members. 

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In response to the negative feedback, Seo In Young fired back with an explanation from her point of view. Her message posted on Instagram reads as follows:

"I'm not the type to worry about this kind of stuff, and only one side could've been shown since it's broadcast and there's editing. I wasn't there to just talk about myself, so I was going to coolly let it go, but I'm leaving this post since we each have different sides.

As you may know, I don't like being called 'ssenunni', and I'm also not the type to be affected by other people's criticism. Also, I saw that people are calling me unmannerly, but my peers and sunbaenims know that I'm not that kind of person.

Furthermore, I consider manners in sunbae-hoobae relationships of great importance. When I saw Brown Eyed Girls at the time, they were nothing more or less than another hoobae. Back then, they came and greeted me in a very nice way and that seemed very cute to me, so that's why I expressed it like that [using informal speech to call Narsha cute] and afterwards we've become close through 'Heroes.'

Anyway, the important part is that the reason I reacted saying 'You were pissed? You?' was because back then Ga In was just a very cute, nice hoobae, but she really startled me by saying she was pissed at her sunbae and talked about it even though it wasn't herself [who was 'mistreated']. I wasn't able to accommodate with Ga In's style as she was different before and during the recording. 

Sunbae-hoobaes exist here, and there are rules. That's why I strictly respect my sunbaenims. If you enjoy talking about this and that then go ahead, but I hope you judge the situation by viewing the whole picture. As of now, I just want to protect the people I love. And treat older hoobaes with respect even though they're rude? Act like a sunbae? What kind of theory is that?"

사실제가이런일같은거신경안쓰는스타일이고 이런것들은 방송이고편집인걸통해서한쪽입장만또나갈수도있고다거기어제 제 말만하러간게아니기때문에저도그냥쿨하게재밌게넘어가자는부분이였는데 맘이좀안좋았다도아니고 열받았다는표현은좀아니였단생각이드네요 서로입장이있으니이렇게글로남기게됐네요 일단저는아시다시피쎈언니란표현도듣기싫고누가뭐라해서주관이흔들리는사람이아닙니다. 그리고어제방송보시고 예의가없다는말들을하셨는데 제지인이나선배님들은알겠지만제가그런아이가아니란걸아실겁니다.또한저는선후배관계에서의예의를중요하게생각하죠. 솔직히그때제가브라운아이드걸스를봤을때 후배그이상그이하도아니였습니다 그리고한때와서아주예쁘게인사를했고그모습에 얼굴도귀엽고저한테굉장히귀엽게느껴져서표현을했던거였고 그이후에는영웅호걸에서친해졌구요 본인과풀고간일을 그리고몇년이지난지금얘기를꺼내는게이해가되지않고 근데중요한건 제가가인 의외다 가인네가?라고말했던건 그때당시가인은저한테너무귀엽고상냥했고그냥후배였습니다 근데당사자도아닌본인이선배에게열받았네머네 하길 너무당황이되었고 녹화전에들어갈때와들어가서의너무다른가인의스타일에적응이좀안됐습니다.그리고시크다머다말하는스타일도너무변해버렸고..여기는선후배가존재하고여기에 룰이있다고생각합니다.그렇기때문에저도선배들한테는무조건깍뜻이하구요.전저한테선배에대한예의를갖추는사람에게좋은선배이고싶네요 이러쿵저러쿵얘기하는거즐거우시다면하셔도되지만 상황을전체적으로판단해주셨으면좋겠네요 전이시간에제사랑하는사람들을챙기고싶습니다.그리고 선배따지는선배는꼰대, 나이많은후배는예의없게해도대접해줘라?선배답게행동해라?이건무슨논리인가요 ?

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hohliu Thursday, September 29, 2016

Korea and Japanese still have such cultural practice.. It would just drive me bananas to have so many social rules to remember. I only believe in respect everyone as I want to be respected. Never be rude to elderly unless they under the need for me to respect them...

daFoolio Thursday, September 29, 2016

there times where these youngins grow a hairy pair... think they've lived life and can talk informally to their sunbaes... WHACK!!! smack them back into their place...

Blue82 Thursday, September 29, 2016

People are criticizing Seo In Young for this sounding harsh but she is very well known for being a plain speaker. She doesn't like to avoid things or do the 'shyly lie/avoid' to look good. One she was under the impression that Narsha was younger than her because Narsha was promoting using a younger age. Two they were hoobaes which automatically puts Seo In Young at a higher social level. Even with Narsha being older she would have been addressed as a hoobae if they were meeting at anything work related including variety shows but if they were meeting personally then she would have been deferred to as older. You can have a 25 year old CEO get spoken to with great respect by a 50 year old board member simply because he holds a higher position. If the same two people met outside of work say at a restaurant or perhaps out shopping for groceries then the CEO would be expected to speak to the 50 year old using proper honorifics. There are a ton more subtleties but that is the general guideline of how it is suppose to work.

kpauburn Thursday, September 29, 2016

I think maybe she shouldn't have posted this. The whole hoobae-sunbae thing combined with age respect system is a minefield it is best to avoid if you can. I was told you always err on the side of using polite language unless you've agreed that one person is going to use informal language. I think she should have used polite language until that is ironed out, but maybe in the music business they do things differently.

starempress kpauburn Thursday, September 29, 2016

Honestly, Seo In Young has all the right to say all that. Ga In gave her crap and called her out for trying to be friendly and calling her impolite, but let's keep this in mind, Ga In calling her out was ironic and hypocritical in and of itself, not only is Ga In a hoobae to Seo In Young by several years, but she is also younger than SIY so for her to do that to a sunbae is also wrong. And if she keeps getting insulted for being impolite, what's wrong with her calling for trying to clarify?

krell starempress Thursday, September 29, 2016

I tend to agree with you that Seo In Young was okay to respond as she has. But also, I tend to agree with @kpauburn ; who observes that "the whole hoobae-sunbae thing combined with age respect system is a minefield (that) it is best to avoid if you can." ... People get involved in whether someone was *accidentally* RUDE ; or INTENTIONALLY RUDE! ... Or is the person PRETENDING to MISUNDERSTAND something? ... ;-) ... Hoobae/Sunbae/ ... BYE ME !!! ... ;-)

krell kpauburn Thursday, September 29, 2016

(Joking) GA-IN <-- And 'FxxK U' (song) too! ... ;-) ... Actually, I *like* GA-IN just fine. All of this 'controversy' seems a *waste* of energy to me.

Chrysantheneum Thursday, September 29, 2016

That's...kinda rude way of saying it.  I understand that Seo In Young was confused about NArsha's age and that BEG were hoobae's, but still she could've said this differently. She's throwing so much subtle shade.

bang_nay Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sometimes it's not what you say but how you say it. It seemed rude at first but once I read the explanation it made sense. She's just asking why Ga In was mad instead of the person who the statement was directed to and I'm pretty sure Ga In understood that

NANOJAE Thursday, September 29, 2016

How many articles of Ga In I already read to today`??

IARMY93 NANOJAE Thursday, September 29, 2016

Then don't read

tyneexxx Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ga in shouldn't put her nose in other people business

arief71p tyneexxx Thursday, September 29, 2016

smokeee Thursday, September 29, 2016

theyre both aging horribly TBH

manongja Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Good for her. I am getting sick and tired of celebrities apologizing for other people being offended, especially when they were not the ones offended in the first place.

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