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Netizens claim that Suzy got a good amount of plastic surgery

An online post claiming that Suzy got work done on her face is causing heated debate.

The OP, under a post titled 'Suzy also got a lot of work done,' uploaded a bunch of screen captures backing the assertion that Suzy underwent several plastic surgery procedures. The screen captures from the post, which has since been deleted, can be seen below.

These procedures include two instances of laser hair removal along the top of the hairlines to create a more wide, 'open' forehead; fat injections into the forehead to give it a rounder shape; rhinoplasty for a more aquiline nose; and tearing the corners of the eyes to make them appear more elongated and large.

Most people seem unconvinced by this post, leaving comments such as, "Laser hair removal is not plastic surgery. It's just like shaving your eyebrows:: I don't know about her eyes but I think her forehead and nose look exactly the same," "Yeah sure, whatever. She didn't fix anything ha," "Y'all give them shit when they're pretty and give them shit when they're ugly smh," "There is a scene in 'Uncontrollably Fond' whereKim Woo Bingrabs her nose and shakes her really hard, and if she had gotten her nose done, that scene would not have been possible...plus you can tell when people got their noses done. Nose jobs are obvious even when you try to hide it," "Hey, do y'all look the same as you did ten years ago????????""Honestly, there is no idol that looks the same as her past photos as much as Suzy does lolol. And when Suzy debuted, she was 17 and she's 23 now. How can she not change even one bit? haha(referring to last pic)," and more.

However, there were others who agreed with the OP, writing, "Honestly, she did fix bits here and there lololol,""Suzy fans, stop arguing that she's a natural beauty,""Anyways, she fixed her teeth, too," and more.

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