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Hong Jin Kyung gets teary-eyed practicing singing with J.Y. Park in 'Unnies' Slam Dunk'

J.Y. Park

'Unnies' Slam Dunk' was a bit of an emotional ride for cast member Hong Jin Kyung on June 10.

On this day, the girls had their first recording with Producer J.Y. Park and each prepared for the session.  At home, Hong Jin Kyung even prepared honey water for the producer. Jessi said to her, "Unnie, you're too much.  You've never done anything like this for us," but Hong Jin Kyung didn't care, only showing her affection toward J.Y. Park.

However, in the assessment before the recording, Hong Jin Kyung was unable to do a good job.  J.Y. Park told the other members, "You're worthy of boast.  You did well," but to Hong Jin Kyung, he said, "You're the problem.  I feel like only you won't be able to do the recording.  You stay behind and have a one-on-one practice with me."  Hong Jin Kyung said, "The honey water had no use," causing laughter.

As the members went into the studio to record one or two at a time, Hong Jin Kyung's complaints grew.  "I really wanted to cry," she said.  "I thought, 'What's wrong with me?' Why did he have to say that he wanted to do personal training?  Since when did he have interest in me to do that?" 

After all of the members recorded, Hong Jin Kyung remained with J.Y. Park to practice singing.  As the rehearsal went on, her eyes grew teary, although she tried to hide it and not let the tears fall.  She said, "I felt pathetic.  I even thought, 'I don't have the right to be in a girl group, so why am I here making it hard for other people?'"

Fighting, Hong Jin Kyung!

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