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Polaris temporarily closes + Chairman Lee of Ilkwang and Clara's sexual humiliation claim arrested for fraud

By alim17   Wednesday, March 11, 2015   78,621   2,570   211



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Chairman Lee Kyu Tae (66) of Ilkwang Group, a large multifaceted conglomerate with many different businesses including supplying military equipment and entertainment such as Polaris, is under a lot of fire lately as not only is he the target of the public's interest with his recent scandal involving actress Clara, who claimed he had sexually humiliated her via KakaoTalk messages, but also he was arrested on March 11 on the suspicion of fraud at his home in Donam-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.

According to the Joint Investigation Department of Korea Defense Acquisition Program Corruption, Lee Kyu Tae is being charged with rebating and increasing the government budget by tens of billions of won (~ tens of millions of USD) by inflating the delivery payment and prices for the electronic warfare training equipment he mediated with the air force--some of which was revealed to have not been good quality. 

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On March 11, ten separate locations were raided. Documents, computer hard drives, and more were all confiscated for their investigation.  Apparently, as a consequence, the Polaris offices seem to be closed, at least temporarily, and the website is inaccessible at the moment.

Even back in November, he was arrested and investigated by the government on the suspicions of corruption.  

This is especially sad news for some fans who were looking forward to Polaris' rapper Iron who was slated to debut next week as they worry and wonder what will happen; not to mention, Polaris is the agency for Ladies' Code, whose remaining three members many fans were hoping to see in the music industry sometime again.  With this news, there seem to be a lot of loose ends, raising curiosity about the future.  

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fiolica Monday, July 20, 2015

this sexual thing always ruining career.. to the management guys, please keep your D*** inside your pants in front of your female artist and to the korean female artist, please keep your torso and tight covered in front of your management. ;

wazzzaaaaaaap Sunday, March 15, 2015

I'll just laugh out loud HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

krell Thursday, March 12, 2015

There has been some comment that POLARIS Agency K-pop Artists (talent) should try to 'move on' to *different* Agency affiliations (YG, SM, the 'usual suspects'). ;I am *guessing* that this is NOT easily done. ;These POLARIS Artists are under *contract* to POLARIS. ;They do *not* get to just decide suddenly that they do *not* like POLARIS and so they are leaving. ;Which (it would appear that) CLARA has been trying to do that lately. ;And it has *not* been 'smooth sailing' so far. ;It would be AWHILE (in time) before say ILKWANG GROUP *might* be declared bankrupt (*no idea* really here if that is a possibility yet). ;IF *bankruptcy* happened for ILKWANG GROUP, *then* you would 'sell off' the assets (so POLARIS Agency) as best that you could do it. ;But that 'bankruptcy' scenario for ILKWANG GROUP could take a *long* time to 'play out' in S.K. Courts. ;So, my view, for the next one year duration in time (at least), the POLARIS Agency Artists are *stuck* with their POLARIS Agency contracts. ;UNLESS the Artist would have a 'buy out' option in their contract, and wanted to exercise that (so, cough up the MONEY to POLARIS; which is what POLARIS wants CLARA to do it). ;Which, the amount of 'buy out' MONEY is probably *not* an option for *most* (any?) of the POLARIS Agency Artists (IRON, etc.) ... ;

fiolica Monday, July 20, 2015

yea, i guess by the time you sign contract or after your contract ended you should think reeeeeaaaaalllyyy hard whether you want to stay or seperate your way with the agency. iron should go for leessang company or highgrnd in the first placeeee

madeehah1010 Thursday, March 12, 2015

All my heart goes out to Ladies code, like everything wasn't bad enough now their company has to shut down. I think they should either stay together as three until they're stable enough to go their own ways or to join a different company but then it's the fear of them having to become a group with new members which would be a bit awkward. I wish they do come back to the music industry, they were all really talented but I wouldn't be angry if they didn't either.

ywkhero Thursday, March 12, 2015

The writer of the article needs to fix some of these sentences...

eirayza Thursday, March 12, 2015

So big old man also has dirty sheets.. surprise surprise.

krell Thursday, March 12, 2015

Also, (the *married*) Mr. Lee Gyu Tae is now 'fair game' for K-New Media. In terms of finding out IF he has a 'girl friend on the side' or not. That was *speculated* when the CLARA 'KakaoTalk chat messages' with LGT were made public. So NOW, the K-News Media can maybe justify publishing a *photo* of this *possible* LGT 'babe on the side' IF they can get one. I'm suggesting to 'keep an eye out' for *more* LGT 'dirty sheets' in the breeze ... ;-)

eirayza Thursday, March 12, 2015

@krell there's really no way of putting it out in the open without clara's name being dragged into it. thanks for the tip.. im pretty sure this isn't the final episode. ;-)

kpopcrunchindo Thursday, March 12, 2015


aicjanecs Thursday, March 12, 2015

But this situation has nothing to do Clara...

krell Thursday, March 12, 2015

@aicjanecs ... Other than that CLARA does *benefit* from the perception *now* that (Polaris CEO / ILKWANG Group President) Mr. Lee Gyu Tae is *perhaps* likely to LIE about important matters. Thus, CLARA's 'sexual harassment' allegations against LGT might *now* seem more credible to some. But, you are *correct* in that the arrest of LGT, and the suspension of Polaris Agency activities, has *nothing* really to do with any LGT 'interactions' with CLARA.

aicjanecs Thursday, March 12, 2015

@krell I don't think Clara's gonna gain much credibility from this. Her lies have been inconsistent and exaggerated. Many people don't believe her. And a fraud isn't equivalent to a sexual harasser.

krell Thursday, March 12, 2015

@aicjanecs said --> "(CLARA) Many people don't believe her." ... <-- I hear you; and I am *not* sure that I believe CLARA that much either. However, I am *not* clear that *now* some PROSECUTOR is going to want to bring to possible *TRIAL* (expensive = $$$$ ; unsure outcome) a case where Mr. Lee Gyu Tae (Polaris CEO) is being thus presented as some kind of 'victimized' person. For me, looking at it, I would *guess* that a *lot* of S.Koreans would be seeing 'TWO LIARS' bickering about MONEY, at S.K. TAXPAYER expense ($$$$$$). Thus, I am *not* clear that the PROSECUTOR is going to want to aid Mr. Lee Gyu Tae in this situation. But also, I am *not* S.Korean; so it surely could be that the S.K. PROSECUTORS might see it *differently* than I do ... ;-)

kpopcrunchindo Thursday, March 12, 2015

@aicjanecs really i don't care about that hoe. did you see what happened to ladies code? they are suffering a lot!

aicjanecs Thursday, March 12, 2015

@kpopcrunchindo What has happened to Ladies' Code is tragic. But that has absolutely nothing to do with Clara. Clara did not manage them. The CEO's crime was FRAUD. Clara very likely did not force him to do that because I doubt she'd even be able to comprehend the scheme. I am not even defending because I particularly like her. But she has not done anything to LC. The company has failed them.

Mongja Sunday, April 26, 2015

so you hate clara... but you don't hate the ceo who used rise and eunbi's deaths to break clara's credibility? Please.... be more consistent.... Not trying to defend her but, i find it really ridiculous that no one is upset of their deaths being used to hurt clara... it's sickening.

krell Sunday, April 26, 2015

@Mongja said --> "I find it really ridiculous that no one is upset of their deaths (LADIES' CODE) being used (by POLARIS CEO = LEE KYU TAE) to hurt CLARA." ... <-- I *completely* agree with you. My view, is that *incompetence* by LEE KYU TAE in the performance of his POLARIS CEO job (NO SEAT BELTS WORN IN VAN CRASH), is why those LADIES' CODE members are dead. And somehow *CLARA* is supposed to be 'ashamed' to have *not* attended the LADIES CODE funeral? CLARA did *not* KILL those LADIES' CODE members. The STUPIDITY of POLARIS CEO LEE KYU TAE (*no seat belts*) is what DID KILL THEM (my view).

o6timez Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ladies Code should go to..................................................

ForeverHottestNW Thursday, March 12, 2015

That Was Shocking For A Moment...! ;

cookiestrd2eatme Thursday, March 12, 2015

IRON should get pick up by Jay and AOMG!

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