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Girls' Generation's Sooyoung would rather be called an artist than idol

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Girls' Generation debated whether they were artists or idols.

The girls recently participated in a documentary on Japanese channel, MBS, where they talked about their Japanese activities and tour. During their interview, the girls were asked, "Is Girls' Generation an idol group or an artist?".

Jessica answered, "To be honest, it's an honor to be called an idol. The word 'idol' is like that. But recently, the meaning has changed a little bit. Now, if you're young, you're just labeled as an idol. Idols and artists are considered different."

Sooyoung stated, "It's hard to differentiate between idols and artists, but I want to be called an artist." Yuri added, "I don't think you can differentiate yourself as an idol or an artist. We're just following people's perceptions."

Source: Star News, Newsen
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freemanbaker Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The word artist implies you create things, and as far as I know Girls' Generation (SNSD) does not even pick out their own clothes, much less make their music or dances. I do not hate, just saying. I guess they could call themselves entertainers instead.

For me, artists do not necessarily have to create things, but they can also interpret art with their own interpretation and have the freedom to do so. This is why Girls' Generation (SNSD) and most idols are NOT artists, which is fine. They sing the song their company tells them to, sing it the way their company tells them to, perform it the way their company tells them to, wear clothes the company tells them to, and promote it the way their company tells them too. Opinions in creative process exist only when their company allows them to. No personal interpretation of the art they are performing. The company manufactures everything and the company is the one making the ultimate decision on their "art". So yeah, they are idols, flesh and bone, Through and through.

I agree that idols will seldom be artists due to having virtually no creative control. Girls' Generation (SNSD) is just getting to a point where they have been successful enough for long enough that the girls are now confident enough to share their thoughts with the creative talent at SM and that talent will listen to them more than in the past as they are more seasoned now from being through this process for over five years. That said there are probably limits to their input. I think the girls have the potential to become artists as their careers mature if they really want that. There are some vocalists that will be considered artists even if they don't write, but generally they are soloists because that allows them to show off their range and allows them to make a song uniquely their own. It is hard to become a truly artistic vocalist when you rarely get to sing an entire song by yourself. Some of the girls are making tentative steps with writing lyrics, but so far, those have been album filler more than hit singles. That may change in the future if Seohyun, Sooyoung, and Yuri continue to display interest in writing and really decide to focus on it and start coming up with songs that are hits. Those three girls are sharp and if they really wanted to, I think they could become good writers. I have one final interesting note regarding whether the girls all want to be artists that might interest you. Back when the girls were promoting "Hoot" they appeared on Happy Together and during the interview Taeyeon made the comment that she had not thought that any of the songs they had planned to release as singles (At least up until that point) were going to be hits. I found that interesting. Is that indicative that Taeyeon doesn't have a very good handle on what will make a hit song or that their hits often run so counter to the style of music that she would really love to record that she doesn't get excited about its chances? Now if Girls' Generation (SNSD) is still together and successfully recording after a decade, they likely become known as artists as few acts, even really artistic ones, are successful for a decade or more. In some ways, it is an art unto itself to survive in the industry that long, by being receptive to changing as artists, maintaining a fan base, bringing in new fans, and still performing in a manner people want to pay to see.

I can see what you are saying there. She does seem to have a gift for singing Original Sound Track) OST's. She seems to internalize them so her own emotions come out when she sings a ballad. If Girls' Generation (SNSD) has a long enough break between projects, I suppose there is a possibility that TTS (Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seoyeon) does a project again, which seemed to be something more like Taeyeon enjoys, or that they finally let her do a solo album. Of course, that assumes she even really wants to do a solo album at this point in time. She has never really said much on whether she wants to take on a solo album in addition to Girls' Generation (SNSD). It sounds like she already struggles a bit with the pressure of leading the group from some comments Sunny made on Beatles Code (Enough that it appears to concern the other members that she puts too much on her own shoulders and does not come to them to help). As long as Girls' Generation (SNSD) is going well, she may not want to take on a solo project and all that extra pressure of worrying about how well it goes commercially. I often suspect that some of her sadness would be relieved if she found someone nice to date. It has to be lonely to have the kind of success she has had and not have anyone other than her fellow members and family to share it with. Some have also argued that her sadness at times comes from her having to sing stuff that does not excite her much. Of course, even a solo project does not guarantee a lot of creative control or singing only, what you like. Under the Korean system, I would imagine SM would still be controlling most of the process and be eager for commercial success more than critical success or artistic satisfaction.

dc_metal Monday, July 1, 2013

yeah I feel the value of significance in the word 'idol' really dropped downed ever since the kpop market got over-saturated with rookie groups popping up from left and right.. anyways I still think of most SNSD members as idols. With the exception of taeyeon out the rest, since she had many solo OSTs and stuff. When I think "artist" I think of idols that have had a fair share of solo activities.. ;

cynocin Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I would consider them more idols than artists... I mean, do they even decide anything for themselves? From what I know so far they just do what they're being told.

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