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Posted by AKP STAFF Sunday, August 28, 2011

Could Kang Ho Dong have risen to "Nation's MC" status without the existence of "1 Night 2 Days"?


Not long ago, KBS made an official announcement that the hit variety show program, '1 Night 2 Days', will unfortunately be airing its finale in February 2012 after a long streak of four years. Representatives stated that the members "cannot imagine a '1 Night 2 Days' without any of its members," and that they will be together for the first and last episode of the show. Seeing that neither of Lee Soo Geun, Eun Ji Won, nor Uhm Tae Woong have expressed their desire to leave the show, it is primarily Kang Ho Dong who holds the fate of the remaining members. It's not easy to imagine a "1 Night 2 Day" episode without Kang Ho Dong. When rumors of Kang Ho Dong leaving the show first arose, netizens came together and conducted a petition movement against his departure, and many left heartfelt comments on the official site's noticeboard in an attempt to persuade Kang Ho Dong to stay. Kang Ho Dong had a lot to do with the show's popularity but now, let's try to think in the opposing perspective - Would Kang Ho Dong still be standing as the "Nation's MC" today without "1 Night 2 Days"? "1 Night 2 Days" and Kang Ho Dong worked in a way where they both needed each other to acquire the win-win effect of the situation. 1993 was the year Kang Ho Dong gave up the fighting arena as a professional wrestler to enter the entertainment industry as a comedian. During his twenty years in the industry, Kang Ho Dong managed to make numerous shows rise to fame and popularity, some of which include MBC's "Golden Fishery - Knee Guru", SBS's "Star King", "Strong Heart", as well as older shows MBC's "Kang Ho Dong's Soul Mates", SBS's "Yashim Man Man", and "X-Man". Becoming one of two of the most prominent variety show MCs alongside Yoo Jae Suk didn't happen overnight; it took him close to 20 years of neatly piling up his good deeds and hard effort before he was finally acknowledged as a variety show hit maker and a core blueprint for successful marketing. Despite this, it's no lie that it was indeed his four years of "1 Night 2 Days" that truly established his position as the "Nation's MC". Kang Do Dong had been the leader of the variety show ever since its pilot episode on August of 2007. Through this program, the team of "1 Night 2 Days" entertained viewers every weekend as they traveled to every corner of the country. It's true that Kang Ho Dong was already a highly respected MC even before the creation of the show, but it was "1 Night 2 Days" that helped him expose his friendly and soft character and his open-mindedness towards all kinds of people, regardless of their age. Rather than a fandom type of popularity, Kang Ho Dong earned his love and interest on a nationwide scale. His popularity was especially recognized when he helped "1 Night 2 Days" attain over 40% in TV viewership - an unprecedented achievement in the variety show industry. To put it in an exaggerated perspective, his popularity has even come to a point where it would be a rare occurrence to find an elder that doesn't know of this nation MC. Many are talking as if the lifespan of "1 Night of 2 Days" will end the day Kang Ho Dong leaves the show. Of course, those words are perfectly true in a situation like this. However, what one should think of first is whether or not Kang Ho Dong's own 'lifespan' can still continue on without the existence of "1 Night 2 Days". Source: OSEN via Nate

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