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Posted by AKP STAFF Monday, June 21, 2010

Learn more about 2PM member Junsu and his song picks for a rainy day


In this week's Naver Music's Musician's Choice, 2PM's Junsu shared stories about how he became a singer and selected a handful of songs that one must listen to on a rainy day. Kim Junsu auditioned for JYP Entertainment in 2004 and was chosen to become a trainee for his singing ability. With his strong vocal talent, he's currently the lead vocalist of 2PM. He also continues to write songs and is a motivator of the study of music amongst his members. When Junsu was in elementary school, he visited his friend who lived in Singapore. It was there that he fell in love with music after hearing someone sing Carpenter's Yesterday Once More. As a high school student, he began to dream of becoming a singer after he watched a video of Dionne Warwick, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, and Stevie Wonder singing That's What Friends Are For. After surprising his school friends by singing R. Kelly's I Believe I Can Fly, he entered and won various singing competitions which drew him closer to becoming an artist. As a teen, while those around him liked rock music, he preferred the sweet sounds of neo-soul music. "I'm glad that 2PM has somewhat risen to it's current position in the Korean music industry. But as that continues, I have more and more thoughts... I wonder who I am in 2PM? I don't believe I've shown the full extent of the state of mind I had when I was first began studying music." Junsu has always liked rainy days because watching the rainy landscape brings about the sensitivity of the neo-soul music he listens to. "There was a time in high school when I rode my bike in the rain on Nami Island with my friends. Memories of the coolness of the pouring rain, watching the rain drops fall through the cracks of the lookout hut... When it rains, memories like these naturally come about and I think of certain songs." Junsu's 1st album choice: SWV's Release Some Tension "I remember hearing SWV's song, Rain, by chance on a rainy day in a cafe and also happened to hear it on a music website on another rainy day. So I, by habit, end up listening to Rain on rainy days. In Rain, you can hear raindrops in the beat and also in the singers voices. Recently, I introduced this song on my Twitter as a great rainy day song, and I received a good response. You can know the true worth of this song only after listening to it on repeat. If you listen to Rain you can feel the R&B style of the 1990s." Junsu's 2nd album choice: D'Angelo's Voodoo "Feel Like Makin' Love is a song that a fan gifted to me for my minihompy background music. As a fan of D'Angelo's music, it was a pleasant music gift. Although it's great to listen to at anytime, it's a neo-soul song that's even better on rainy days. In Feel Like Makin' Love, D'Angelo leads the song with what's called lay back, in which it is a beat late. Strangely, the late beat is organized to be at every 8th beat. It's an art form. He is not only a singer but a musician as well. D'Angelo is at an artistic level that no one can follow. If you listen to it, you end up feeling good." Junsu's 3rd album choice: Robin Thicke's The Evolution of Robin Thicke "Lost Without U is a song I listened to a lot as a trainee. Even though he is white, he gives off a Maxwell feel. With his falsetto that in itself gives off a neo-soul feel, Robin Thicke has a unique voice color. Although I like all the songs that he wrote in this album, I like them even more on rainy days. The mournful lyrics also fit well with a rainy day. Regardless of the simple chord progression that repeats every 8 beats, you don't get sick of it, and the more you hear it, the more you feel the mournfulness." Junsu's 4th album choice: Lalah Hathaway's Self Portrait "Lalah Hathaway's That Was Then is a song that Park Jin Young suggested to me as a trainee. That Was Then is a song that is more charming if you listen to it while looking out from inside a car on a rainy day. The sound of rain drops falling mixes exquisitely with the beat of the song. A song that gives a sad and mournful emotion. If you listen to it when you are mournful, it makes you even more mournful. When you are sad That Was Then is a song that makes you even more sad. I particularly listened to Lalah Hathaway because she i s the daughter of Chicago's smooth soul leader, Donny Hathaway. In her first album she sang soul and jazz, but beginning with her second album, she became absorbed in neo-soul. Her fourth album, Self Portrait, set her position as a treasure in the neo-soul and contempory R&B world." Junsu's 5th album choice: Musiq Soulchild's Ajjuswanaseing "Right before our debut, there was a day when it rained as we were returning to our dorms from the JYP office. I didn't have an umbrella so I decided to run. I always listened to my mp3, but on that day I all of a sudden wanted to listen to Musiq's music. So I played his album and Mary Go Round began to play. I remember the memory of listening to this song, with it's electronic piano intro, while running in the rain. Mary Go Round is a song that is better suited in light rain, than in a shower." Musician's Choice is a fairly new section of the Naver Music website in which famous singers choose songs for a variety of themes to share the songs they love and the albums that led them to where they are now. Previous selections were done by TVXQ's Yunho, Kangta, and 2NE1's Sandara Park.

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