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Super Junior's Leeteuk tells fans he's returned safely from Switzerland

By elliefilet   23 days ago   18,650   3,799   40



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Super Junior's Leeteuk let fans know that he's safely returned from Switzerland. 

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Leeteuk was temporarily stranded in the European country after his passport was stolen from a staff vehicle. On June 27, he posted to Instagram, "I've returned safely from Switzerland. This was the third time I've been to Switzerland, and maybe it's because I've been the endorsement model for Switzerland but it felt more familiar and I was excited even before filming."

He continued, "When I landed, I had a good time filming with all the staff and the director of the Swiss tourism agency, but just before I left for the airport, I was caught offguard by an unexpected occurrence. I hope something like this doesn't happen again, but if it does, I can handle it better. I'll also explain it in detail later for tourists. We all came back without harm after sleeping and eating well."

Leeteuk also asked his fans to see the beautiful sights of Switzerland when the show 'One Night Food Trip' airs in July. 

It's good he returned safely!
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Elf_lover 21 days ago

Glad Teukie got home safely after an unfortunate incident. I will look forward to seeing the show, scenery looked beautiful.

kalimilano 23 days ago

OUF he returned safly to home .. I'm super happy  ^______^

UKihyun 23 days ago

I guess since he''s SM I have to support him so yay *soulless clap*

Kura2654 UKihyun 23 days ago

just be glad that he is safe u don't need to like him plus in the future our NCT boys will safer when they go abroad since they haven't experienced this before

UKihyun Kura2654 23 days ago

he was never in danger though, just minorly inconvenienced. He makes it sound like he was kidnapped and held for ransom by a crime syndicate. He was just robbed while he wasn't even present. I was robbed IN PERSON at gunpoint. That's danger.

Naruta UKihyun 23 days ago

Objection: AKP made it sound like he was in severe danger. His saying "I ´ve returned safely from Switzerland" is a common wording. No need to be salty. BTW, you´re sure you didn´t get a hit on the head when YOU where robbed? That would at least explain quite some things....

UKihyun Naruta 23 days ago

He didn't even need to announce something that trivial. So he's the one making it a big deal. Just like Taeyang throwing a fit over instagram. These pampered idols are just.....*sigh* Teuk is like "i'm safe!" um no one was worried. If he ever sees any real danger it's gonna be HILARIOUS. He'll be filming live coverage with his phone while crying and snot pouring out of his nose

Naruta UKihyun 23 days ago

Obviously it was interesting enough for you to butt in again. ...But wait....yeah, you do that all the time. Maybe you just don´t have a life of your own? Aw...poor little thing....Didn´t the other children let you join the game?

UKihyun Naruta 23 days ago

Sorry it just amuses me to see whiners whine. i'm still envisioning teuk in a real life dangerous situation. he'd be sobbing "what did i do to deseeeeeeerve this?!" LOL oh its too funny. i really wish these idols had been raised in america so they would have gotten tougher. Then again, eli was raised here and he's still awful. *sigh* Maybe the weakness is genetic? Didn't Eli say his classmates tried to beat some sense into him? Pity it didn't work. I used to always say I wanted a korean husband but i stopped saying that a long time ago after i found that all they would do is cry in my house. like, ew. I wonder if Japanese men whine? I bet they dont. I bet their culture is to be and appear strong. I should find out

Chrysantheneum UKihyun 22 days ago

"it amuses me to see whiners whine" The laugh at yourself.

Skyepop 23 days ago

You would think he went into battle or something. Passports and belongings were stolen. Its a giant pain, but it is fixable with a trip to the consulate. As long as someone can email/fax a photocopy of your documents things get a whole lot easier as well.

Wang_Sejung 23 days ago

Please crap, don't come back in Korea!

lilam 23 days ago

hahaha since when returned back from switzerland is a heroic act ? is Switzerland  Afghanistan or something like that ?!!

Wang_Sejung lilam 23 days ago

He thought he was coming from Paris in France!

lilam Wang_Sejung 23 days ago

anyway as he is safely that's the main thing, too bad for you !!

michinpabo lilam 23 days ago

I am glad he's out of that war zone. He should stay clear of Tahiti. I hear that place is even worse!

Wang_Sejung lilam 23 days ago

Too bad for me and all my Korean citizens' fellows.

Fyla michinpabo 23 days ago

hey !! Tahiti is not a war zone !! :p =)

lilam Fyla 23 days ago

who knows first we shall wait for leeteuk view about it !!

Fyla lilam 23 days ago

Wait and see ! =)

Wang_Sejung lilam 23 days ago

dis moi, tu n'es pas tombee amoureuse de ce con?

Fyla Wang_Sejung 23 days ago

Je suis choquée !! Tu es francophone !!!! Tu es la honte de tout les pays francophones !!!!!

Wang_Sejung Fyla 23 days ago

Je suis francophone dans ce sens que j'etudie la litterature francaise dans la prestigieuse universite national de Seoul, et pour etre honete je suis la fierte de ma famille ainsi que de mes professeurs et de mon universite pour mes bons resultats en Francais. J'espere de ne pas t'avoir choquer de te dire cela.

Fyla Wang_Sejung 23 days ago

Tu n'en pas marre de ressortir ce vieil (et unique) argument (qui absolument faux) à chaque fois ??? Ton disque est sérieusement rayé !!

Wang_Sejung Fyla 23 days ago

J'espere que petit con, tu connais les demeles de ton idole avec son pere? tu traites comme ca ton pere? tu le laisses se suicider sans venir a son aide? Peut etre bien, car tu es peut etre francais et le non respect des parents coule dans votre sang?!!!

lilam Fyla 23 days ago

waouh alors toi aussi tu es francophone ?!! moi et wangy on es plutôt genre francofolles mais bon ce qui est sur c que toi tu es une franco- super - poli(e) car "crétine" n'est pas vraiment le qualificatif que je choisirai pr wang mais je suis certaine que des mots plus adaptés lui iront à merveille mais bon je dis ça je dis rien !!

Fyla lilam 23 days ago

Et oui !! C'est surtout que je veux pas lui apporter de l'eau à son moulin en plus du reste =)

lilam Fyla 23 days ago

sage décision quoi que des fois ça peut etre tres marrant

Wang_Sejung lilam 23 days ago

Quels mots plus adaptes ma cherie?

Wang_Sejung Fyla 23 days ago

Porte plutot de l'eau au moulin de ton pere Frechy! essaye d'etre plus proche de ton pere, et laisse tomber les gens que ne repectent pas leurs vieux!

lilam Wang_Sejung 23 days ago

alors toi t'appelles tes parents les vieux ?!! jolie marque de respect !!

Wang_Sejung lilam 23 days ago

Arrte de faire les gignoles, tu sais tres bien c'est une expression courante en Francais. Et puis arrete de te venger contre moi! C'est pas ma faute si ta Marine a perdu les elections, c'est pas ma faute si ta Marion comme l'a dit son grand pere travaille au bois de Boulogne a faire des passes ! Arrete de t'en prendre a moi! Je ne suis pas Francaise, thanks god!!! Je n'ai pas participe aux elections en France et c'est pas ma faute is le FN a perdu les elections!

Fyla Wang_Sejung 23 days ago

Alors fais le avec des faits et non des rumeurs que tu veux absolument qu'elles soient véridiques.

Wang_Sejung Fyla 23 days ago

tu gaspille avec un S a la find Mr Francophone! Non je ne gaspille pas un temps precieux, je viens ici pour defendre les interets de mon pays et mes convictions.

lilam Fyla 23 days ago

le temps c pas ce qui lui manque et elle ferait quoi de son temps la gourdasse, j'espere que t'as pas avalé son histoire de phd?!!

Wang_Sejung lilam 23 days ago

Arrete tes betises tu veux bien. Tu sais tres bien que j'etais meme a Toulouse pour ma bourse d'etude de Francais. Je t'ai meme demande de venir a Rossy pour me saluer!

myanaconda 23 days ago

No one cares

xCL0UD myanaconda 23 days ago

You cared enough to comment

Winston myanaconda 23 days ago

you cared enough to click and read the article even though you said you didnt care. +1 view and +1 comment to an article you "didnt care" about.

Sweg 23 days ago

Wow he's brave already thinking about how he will handle it next time😍  I would be too shook

The End


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