Baek Ji Young reveals her baby's nickname + updates on her pregnancy!

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Singer Baek Jin Young updated her fans on her pregnancy via her Instagram! 

On her October 19 post, Baek Ji Young posted a photo of presents and wrote a message, thanking singer Lyn and others for the gifts and support. 

She wrote, "#prenatalproverbsnotebook #Lyn gave me^^ thank you...I am having #blessed and #happy days because of everyone who is visiting and congratulating me... I don't know what to say but #thankyou" 

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Baek Ji Young continued, "Thank you for worrying that I would get hurt again #peanut (baby's nickname because the baby looks like a peanut right now) is healthy and growing well ^^ Others who had similar painful experience like me, and those who are also pregnant like me, I will be #praying for you all!" 

Recently Baek Ji Young's agency officially announced the singer's pregnancy. She is currently 8 weeks pregnant. 


#린 이 선물해준 #태교잠언쓰기 ^^ 고마워 센스쟁이!!!! 그리고....찾아오셔서 진심으로 축복해주신 분들 덕분에 #복되고 #행복한 하루하루를 보내고 있습니다... 머라 말해야할지 적당한 단어를 찾지 못한채 그저 #감사 하다는 말만 계속 나오네요... 제 마음이 다칠까 염려해주신 많은분들 고맙습니다.. #땅콩이 는(지금 너무 땅콩이랑 똑같이 생겨서 붙인 태명) 잘 자라고 있다고 합니다^^ 저와 비슷한 아픔 겪으셨던 분들 그리고 지금 새생명을 잉태하고 계신 많은 분들 위해서 저도 #기도 열심히 할께요!!! 제가 받은 이 #사랑 이 돌고돌고 돌아서 다시 여러분에게 돌아가길 소망합니다... 더 많이...더 마음껏 베풀고 사랑하는 제가 되어야겠어요^^ 고맙고...사랑합니다^^; (쑥...쓰 )

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    Jarhon Wednesday, October 19, 2016

    This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

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    juukimie Wednesday, October 19, 2016

    ohh, she must be full of pressure and scare . with her age its difficult to get pregnant or to keep the baby till the end. I admire her courage to go trought this hard road. She is a brave woman, i wish all the bests for her and her little peanut <3

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    BigBangVIP_NYC Wednesday, October 19, 2016

    I'm so glad that people who are commenting are doing so positively! So for the late comers who's going to say something negative about her....GO AWAY!!!!

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    gt3lt_kpop Wednesday, October 19, 2016

    I pray that Baek Jiyoung has a smooth pregnancy and a safe delivery~ Best wishes!

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    koog008 Wednesday, October 19, 2016

    i hope the baby is healthy and she has a smooth pregnancy.. was heartbroken when heard about her previous loss

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