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SEVENTEEN's 'SEVENTEEN TV' garners interest online

December 24, 2012 @ 6:16 am
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The debut of Pledis Entertainment's 17-membered boy group SEVENTEEN made headlines last year when they were first announced.

Interest in the group was heightened with the release of a teaser spot on the company's official YouTube channel on December 17th, and anticipation for the group is only growing bigger with the subsequent releases of more promotional teasers.

Pledis Entertainment representatives told allkpop, "We opened up SEVENTEEN TV as a unique marketing approach to presenting the country's biggest idol group ever. Through the show, fans will be able to see the training process and the day-to-day activities of the members through a CCTV installed in their rehearsal room for live streaming on USTREAM. Everything about SEVENTEEN's production process leading up to their debut is available for viewing."

Netizens have taken a positive view to the unique approach the company is taking, leaving comments like, "Is a 17 member group really making a debut? Daebak!" and "I've always been curious about what happened inside the training room of an entertainment company."

A special Christmas event will air live on USTREAM at 6:00PMKST on December 24th on the group's USTREAM channel here.

Catch up with their teaser releases thus far if you haven't already!

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