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Jonghoon reveals a warm moment between Hongki and Minhwan

December 19, 2012 @ 8:33 pm
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F.T. Island's Jonghoon snapped a warm moment between Hongki and maknae Minhwan.

On December 19th Jonghoon took to his Twitter and wrote, "Good Hongki & Minhwan. Cleaning his ears. :)". In the photo that was attached to the tweet, Minhwan and Hongki were dressed comfortably. Minhwan was resting his head against Hongki's lap while holding a cellphone, he was obviously at ease as he closed his eyes and let Hongki clean his ears. Hongki himself seemed focused on his work as well.

The photo caused fans to smile at the cuteness, and they commented, "Aw, Minhwan is being babied", "They look so close", and "It's hyung and baby brother".

Source: Jonghoon's Twitter

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