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IU communicates with her fans for the first time since photo incident

December 25, 2012 @ 9:23 pm
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IU wrote in her official fancafe for the first time since the photo incident.

On the 25th, she titled her post, "Merry Christmas", and wrote,

How have you been. My fans~ I felt stuffy because I had the door tightly shut and it's a white Christmas. Of course, I haven't been outside. I felt really suffocated because I wanted to write to you... But because of this, I learned that there were many things to do other than reading replies [to articles] when you had nothing to do. I'm sorry that you lost weight because you were worried about me. I'm sorry that I gained weight even though I caused the mess... Because today is Christmas and you guys are my fans, I guessed this was the time to say hello. I'm going to disappear after asking how you were. Really, be careful of catching a cold! Soon I'm going to open the door and come out again. Wait for me while drinking a glass of juice in the living room!

Do you think she may be hinting at a comeback?

Source: TV Report

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