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Rapper Crucial Star releases album 'Fall'

November 30, 2012 @ 12:03 am
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After pre-releasing "Flat Shoes" featuring Lovey, rapper Crucial Star has finally released his new album, 'Fall'.

The album title takes on a double meaning as it represents the season 'fall' as well as something 'falling'. Crucial Star has participated in every process of the release including composing, writing, and producing the tracks. He also created the album cover artwork himself.

In other news, Crucial Star has announced that he'll be holding a solo concert, 'Own Way', on January 5th. Tickets will go on sale via Interpark on December 5th.

Check out some of the songs in the album below.


"Real Love" (featuring Satbyeol)




"I'm OK" (Bonus Track)

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