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Guckkasten leave encouraging message for labelmates C-Clown

November 18, 2012 @ 12:25 am
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Rock Band Guckkasten left a distinctive message for idol group C-Clown.

Guckkasten uploaded a video with a congratulatory message for C-Clown's release of their second mini-album. The two groups sing unrelated, different genres, but they have a senior-junior relationship and shower each other with compliments.

The message in the video said, "C-Clown, who are slightly uglier than Guckkasten in the Yedang Entertainment family, we congratulate you on the release of your second mini-album. Your new album's title track 'Because You Might Grow Distant'… We hope you will receive lots of love with this song and become cooler, so you will grow more distant from Guckkasten... Guckkasten will not fear the potential distance, just have to work harder. C-Clown fighting! Rock and roll!"

Fans reacted to this video, commenting, "A unique cheer message from Guckkasten," "Even though the words seem strange, their love and care for their hoobaes clearly show," "Fighting to C-Clown, who receive love from their sunbaes, and fighting to Guckkasten who are having a concert at the end of the year," and more.

On another note, Guckkasten will be having their solo concert on December 30 and 31st, and C-Clown's new track has been performing well on the music charts.

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