IU to prove her real height and weight on 'Strong Heart'

May 29, 2012 @ 4:31 am
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Singer IU will be revealing her actual height and weight during the upcoming episode of 'Strong Heart'.

IU, the "nation's younger sister" is known for her petite and cute size. However, it seems many underestimate her frame, believing her to be thinner and shorter than she actually is.

The singer surprised everyone on set when she brought out a scale, determined to show everyone her actual weight. "There have been news articles talking about how I thin I was because of the weight loss I experienced recently, but I am not that thin anymore. I even posted my real weight and height on Twitter to calm my fans' worries, but no one believed me."

Thus, to once and for all settle the concerns of her fans, IU decided to step onto the scale with everyone watching.

Catch IU and the revealing of her height and weight on the upcoming episode of 'Strong Heart' on the 29th.

Source + image via Naver

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