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ZE:A members share funny picture together

April 1, 2012 @ 6:04 pm
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ZE:A is drawing attention for their adorable and hilariously bizarre group hoto together.

Earlier today, ZE:A's Minwoo tweeted "Eummm.. Thank you for believing in someone like me. I'm releasing this today. The people that I love" along with the above picture.

The picture showed all members of ZE:A each making a funny face of their own. Since Kwanghee is the only one who's mostly on entertainment shows, this is the first time that many viewers get to see a different side of most of the group. The viewers were especially surprised to find Siwan shamelessly making a goofy face after his praiseworthy acting in the recent KBS drama 'The Equator Man'.

The netizens responded to the picture with, "I don't know how but Kwanghee is the most normal one", "A lot of talent", "Siwan is the most shocking."

Source+Picture: Star News via Naver

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