Lee Ha Yi outperforms Park Ji Min on SBS' 'K-pop Star'

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SBS' 'K-pop Star' has once again shown it's unpredictability through it's latest episode.

Last week, frequent viewers of the show were shocked to see Michelle Lee lose out to Baek Ah Yeon who grabbed first spot in their group, securing a seat in the top ten.  This week, the audience was caught off guard again when the judges announced Lee Ha Yi as the top winner in her group instead of Park Ji Min.

Today's audition was quite the show.  The two most anticipated contestants of the show, Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi stepped onto the stage to claim first winner and be guaranteed a spot on the next round which will be broadcast live.  Park Ji Min performed before Lee Ha Yi and sang "I Love You" by Shin Hyo Beom.  Although she showed off some impressive vocal capabilities by singing high pitched notes, the audience and judges just couldn't feel the music.

Lee Ha Yi, on the other hand, outdid herself with a captivating performance of "Mercy" by Duffy which had spectators glued to their screen.  Her performance gave the audience goosebumps as she perfectly fluctuated her voice up and down, knowing when to pull back and sing high at the right moments.

The judges were quick to determine the winner and chose Lee Ha Yi as the best performer in her group for today. Park Jin Young remarked that Lee Ha Yi had good pitch fluctuation when she sung low in the beginning and later went higher.  The audience was hit with surprise and there was something to anticipate.  However, Park Ji Min sang high right off the bat, which made it boring.  There was nothing to look forward to near the end.

Park Ji Min who witnessed her first loss, couldn't suppress her tears from falling out.  The young star who headed back to the waiting room shocked the rest of the runner-ups who were already waiting in the room.  Although, sad and heart-broken, Park Ji Min was comforted by her close friend and rival, Michelle Lee.

With both Michelle Lee and Park Ji Min waiting for their next audition between runner-ups, will we be seeing a colossal face off between these two giants next week.


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