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B1A4 draws 1,000 fans to their first Japanese showcase

December 10, 2011 @ 12:49 pm
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Rookie group B1A4 is preparing for their Japanese debut and began off-shore promotions on a successful note by drawing over 1,000 fans to their first showcase. The boys performed nine of their tracks to a rapt audience, including their debut song, "O.K", as well "Beautiful Target". At the press conference, leader Jinyoung talked about their Japanese promotions. "We want to show our skills in Japan as well," he said. Fellow member Gongchan agreed, "We will work hard in Japan to win the rookie award here, as well." Contracted with famous talent company Pony Canyon, B1A4 is scheduled to officially debut in Japan in summer next year. Prior to their debut, however, they will release a compilation album of their first two Korean releases, "Let's Fly" and "It B1A4", on January 25th. Source: Yonhap via Naver

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