Jun Do Yeon in new movie 'Countdown'- Miss A's Min plays her daughter

September 21, 2011 @ 12:35 am
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Actress Jun Do Yeon has revealed that she sees herself in miss A's Min. miss A's Min plays the part of Jun Do Yeon's daughter in an upcoming movie 'Countdown'. "Her eyes sparkle just like mine," she remarked. On the 20th of September at the Seoul Gangnam Coex Megabox, there was a press release conference of 'Countdown'. At the press conference she gave her own criticism of Min acting as her daughter in the movie commenting, "Her face isn't necessarily pretty like a doll but has lots of charm." Reporters who attending the conference also joked with talks of plastic surgery and asked her for opinion if she thought that her and Min really look alike. What about before and after her surgery they asked in a lighter comical way causing her to laugh. Jun Do Yeon stated, "When I first heard that Min was cast, I looked at her picture and that the light that shined in her eyes were similar to mine." They also asked her what she would think if her real daughter were to want to become and idol how she would feel about it. She answered honestly to the question replying, "Well, I wouldn't recommend it." Jun Do Yeon's movie 'Countdown' will be released in theaters on the 29th. Source & Image: Mydaily via Nate

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