SNSD selected to be advertisement models for Intel Asia

January 9, 2011 @ 5:55 am
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SNSD was recently announced to be the new models for Intel. According to an industry representative on January 9th, Intel recently selected SNSD as their next advertisement models, and will soon make an official annoucment. The terms and conditions of the contract have not yet been revealed, but it was said that Intel plans to use SNSD for advertisements and promotions for the whole of Asia. Intel revealed their new graphics integrated processor at the 'CES 2011' in Las Vegas on January 5th, and announced that they are currently preparing for a massive shift in their marketing scheme, with SNSD allegedly being their main models. Intel are currently the #1 semiconductor makers who supply products for IT manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics and HP. Since their main target are corporate customers, Intel mainly focused on brand image advertising to match with their business-to-business marketing scheme, thus cases of using celebrities as their models or advertising to target the general public are extremely rare. Many have made predictions that the unusual decision of Intel choosing SNSD for their next cycle of promotions was to globally expose and emphasize the superiority of Korea's cultural products. Intel will be making their official announcement this coming January 10th. Source: ET News via Nate

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