The Action's private video gets leaked

March 22, 2010 @ 3:58 am
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A private video of hip hop duo Untouchable's The Action (Park Kyung Wook) went viral not too long ago. Though many netizens questioned and doubted the identity of the person in the video, it's been confirmed that it is in fact the rapper himself. Untouchable's label TS Entertainment admitted that it is in fact The Action as they revealed, "It is the Action. It was an event before his debut." The video shows The Action with a random girl and it seems like he recorded it himself. He's intoxicated due to drinking and is engaging in a little kissing foreplay with the mystery girl as seen in the screencaps above. Whether the two got involved into other explicit interactions is unknown because the video thus far is said to be PG-13. And although we don't know how old he was in this video, he's currently 26 so it's understandable if he bumps uglies with a woman. There doesn't seem to be any hate or badmouthing comments against the rapper but what do you guys think? Untouchable just ended their promotions for their latest single, Living in the Heart on March 20th through Music Core.

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