Seulong had a gay friend before

March 26, 2010 @ 2:00 am
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On the 25th, a press conference for MBC's upcoming drama Personal Taste was held at Seoul's Grand Hyatt Hotel. As you guys know, Personal Taste is about the main character Jun Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) who pretends to be gay in order to be a roomate of a girl he likes, Park Gae In (Son Ye Jin). Well during the conference, a question about homosexuality was brought up. Cast member 2AM's Seulong was asked the question: "Do you have any homosexual friends?" Seulong replied, "In my agency, there used to be two trainees from Thailand and China who trained with me. One of those two were gay. [...] I found out after they went back to their home countries. [...] I'm an open minded guy, so I had no problem about the fact that they were gay." Another cast member Kim Ji Suk also revealed, "A 10-year friend of mine is also gay. He revealed that he was homosexual two years ago. I was very surprised, but I admired his courage. We are still close friends." Stay tuned to the premiere of Personal Taste on March 31st!

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