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Kim Jong Kook tests himself to see how many bags of instant noodles he can eat at once


In his latest YouTube channel update released on December 30, Kim Jong Kook tested himself to see how many bags (or servings) or instant ramyeon noodles he could eat in one meal!

On this day, Kim Jong Kook invited his good friend Choon Sik as his mukbang partner, and revealed that he would be trying out various instant ramyeon brands, reviewing them for his viewers. He added on, "You all know that I do not eat instant noodles very often. Other than on broadcasts, this is probably the first time in about 15 years that I am cooking instant ramyeon noodles at home."

As the two men began preparing their first bags of noodles, Kim Jong Kook commented, "I just got goosebumps. I realized that I forgot how to even cook these." He then laughed and recalled, "When we were kids, we used to just eat these soup flavoring packets on their own. And then we would get scolded by our parents."

Kim Jong Kook also had something to say about the nutritious value of instant noodles. He stated, "Ramyeon noodles are a great food. But I feel that they ruin your nutritional balance. It would be great if they also came with about 100 grams of chicken breast."

Then, as soon as he got a taste of the savory noodles, Kim Jong Kook exclaimed, "I got about 12 bags per person, and I think I can definitely do it."

Eventually, however, after 6 bags, Kim Jong Kook decided that it was too much, causing Choon Sik to burst out laughing! He ultimately threw in the towel and wrapped up at 6 bags max, sharing with his viewers, "This is so hard. Working out is way easier. I think that from now on, I won't try to go so overboard with mukbang. I will bid you all farewell at 6 bags of noodles."

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yeahkpop164,143 pts 25 days ago 1
25 days ago

...and then he climbed up the stairs of the nearest skyscraper....dragging poor Choon Sik with him. j/k (maybe). lol.


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margana4,543 pts 25 days ago 3
25 days ago

Kim Jong Kook has come a long way with his diet. Lol. I think he used to scold some of the members of Running Man for eating ramen too much and they used to joke that the only food he eats is chicken breast.


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