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Former AOA member ChoA & YouTuber Risabae reunite 5 years after working together as AOA's makeup artist, look back on their past times together


Back on November 12, former AOA member ChoA appeared as a guest on YouTuber Risabae's channel for a makeover!

Due to the fact that Risabae was AOA's makeup artist for a long time during the girl group's peak promotions, Risabae and ChoA demonstrated just how close they were with their natural chemistry. On this day, ChoA asked Risabae to give her a makeup look suitable for her next cover video, Refund Sisters's "Don't Touch Me". 

While Risabae worked on ChoA's makeup, the two talked about spending every day together 5 years ago, ChoA as an idol and Risabae as her makeup artist. Risabae then went on to share with her viewers how proud she was of having worked with ChoA, as well as how much affection she had for her good friend. Hearing this, ChoA sudden began tearing up!

In the end, both ladies were unsuccessful at stopping their tears as they recalled working together and building their friendship in the past. To see ChoA's transformation as well as her sisterly chemistry with Risabae, watch the full clip above!

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11 days ago

Awwwwwww I hope that ChoA is doing okay and can re set her music career



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11 days ago

ChoA blonde bob will be always remembered as one of the most iconic if not THE most iconic hairstyle of Kpop. There were other good ones (like Dara's palm tree hair) but they usually didn't even last a comeback meanwhile ChoA had it for a long time.



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