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EXO's Suho sheds tears during V-Live while talking about feeling sorry towards fans because his solo songs didn't stay on the charts for very long

EXO's Suho began crying during a V Live with his fans. 

On April 12th, Suho hosted a live broadcast titled 'Suho's Online Fan Meeting O2asis'. He began to discuss his first solo album, 'Self Portrait', which was released last month. 

However, Suho began tearing up, staying he felt sorry towards his fans due to the fact that his songs didn't stay on charts for very long. 'Self Portrait' debuted at number one on charts but dropper earlier compared to EXO's hit songs. Although his songs performed relatively well and received praise, Suho expressed that he wished he could have made his fans happier. He stated that his fans "have experienced enough stress because of him" and expressed sadness when he recalled how fans felt bad because "he didn't meet fans expectations on the charts."

Suho expressed his thanks to EXO-L again, saying: "I would like to be with my members and EXO-L's for a long time. Every single EXO-L will make me stand on stage with my members so please don't feel bad." 

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

This site is seriously sick. Stop twisting people's word! He wasn't crying because of that - he did good on the charts, won 3 prizes. He was crying because he felt sorry for his fans that were too stressed about charts and he just wanted to make music for us to enjoy.

You guys are sick and biased, not even trying to hide it anymore, huh.

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nunyabsnss5,208 pts Wednesday, April 15, 2020 2
Wednesday, April 15, 2020

He was crying because he felt sorry to EXO-Ls because some were upset about the charts and it absolutely broke my heart. Instead of talking about charts, shouldn't we just support our faves and root for them instead of talking abou numbers and streams. He wasn't upset with his chart ranking, what made him upset was the fact that so many EXO-Ls were sad. EXO have said time and time again at this point in their careers ranks don't really matter that much to them anymore, they just want to make music they love and share it with their fans. Let's let them do that peacefully and with our support and forget about ranks and charts.

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