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VICTON burst into tears at Seungwoo's video message + tells him they'll wait for his return


VICTON burst into tears at a surprise video message.

The boys had their fanmeeting yesterday. During the fanmeet, the VICTON members were surprised with a video message from Seungwoo, who is currently taking a hiatus from VICTON activities as he promotes with X1 instead. Seungwoo talked about how long they'd been together.

Almost as soon as the video started, Hanse's knees gave out and he started to cry, and Sejun was also seen wiping his tears. Seungsik, VICTON's temporary leader while Seungwoo is away, burst into tears himself when Seungwoo called his name twice. 

The members also sent a message to Seungwoo. Seungsik said, "I don't think this is farewell. He's only away for a short period of time. But we didn't even think that we would have to say goodbye even for a short while. It came suddenly so we're a little disappointed, but as Seungwoo-hyung said, we will fill his space with the rest of the members and grow together. We'll wait so the 7 of us can put on an amazing stage when he's back.Chan said, "Thank you hyung. I hope your leg is okay. The two of us were trainees together for a while. It's not fun anymore because you're not here and you were my rival. I hope you're healthy and I really hope to see you again." Sejun said, "I was really surprised. When we couldn't be together. He was always with us, and our biggest hyung suddenly disappeared and in one way, it was really hard. We told ourselves it was okay as we prepared for this fanmeet. But when I see that video from Seungwoo-hyung, I feel like I've been hit. I believe Seungwoo-hyung will see this video, too. Hyung, please go to the hospital when your leg hurts. Please say something when you're in pain. You don't have to take on the burden by yourself. When you're back after two years, let's be together forever.

Hanse said, "I don't know why I can't control my emotions like this. Honestly, after Seungwoo-hyung left, I thought about him every night. He went to the show for our team. I do believe that we were able to come back on stage thanks to Seungwoo-hyung and Byungchan. From when we were trainees all the way to now, his problem is that he tries to take on all the burden by himself. He's starting anew in an unfamiliar situation, and I'm worried that he'll be in pain by himself. I'm sad that we can't be together and be on stage together. This is our first stage as 6 people and we tried not to think about Seungwoo-hyung, but... yeah. Actually, I told our manager-hyung if Seungwoo-hyung had sent a video message or something like that, that would be good for Alice. But he said that was probably hard and lied to me. He's too much. But that was good. Seungwoo-hyung, we work hard for you."

Byungchan said, "I didn't think I would see him through a video message. Seungwoo-hyung always told me this: 'Byungchan, you'll have to do a lot as VICTON. You're going to have to hold on to their center.' Don't worry, hyung. I'm going to hold tight onto it, so come back soon. Hyung, you're not together with us right now, but you'll be back with us soon. So don't worry, and have fun and enjoy yourself while you're there. And when you come back, we can make memories again. So don't hurt yourself and work hard. I love you."

The maknae Subin broke the teary mood by joking, "Seungwoo." [Instead of calling him hyung.] He then said, "I'm joking. Seungwoo-hyung. I don't know if you'll watch this. When you were here, I didn't know, but now that you aren't, I'm realizing how big your empty space is. Starting from when we were trainees to when we were promoting with 'Time of Sorrow', you always protected us as the reliable hyung. But we've all grown now and we're all reliable now. Don't kill yourself worrying about us while you have your own busy schedule. We'll do well, so don't worry. I keep saying not to worry about us. Hyung, your place is always here, so come back. We'll wait."

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HPDANM754 pts Sunday, September 22, 2019 1
Sunday, September 22, 2019

They probably didn't think they were going to lose their leader for 2 and half years. In a way, I'm glad Byungchan left PDX101, I'm 100% sure he would have gotten in, not just for his health but for VICTON as well.


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naaali188 pts Monday, September 23, 2019 0
Monday, September 23, 2019

2.5 years is a long time to be away from your group. It’s sad victon even has to go on produce. Imagine finally going back to a full group and realizing 5 years already passed. LOTs of idol groups don’t even last that long. I feel bad for hardcore victon stans



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