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BLACKPINK's renewal with YG Entertainment has people wondering if treatment of the group will improve


BLACKPINK has recently renewed their group activity contract with YG Entertainment. On December 6 KST, YG announced, "After careful discussions with BLACKPINK, we signed an exclusive contract for the group's activities based on deep trust." Yang Hyun Suk, YG's general producer, expressed his happiness, saying, "We are happy to continue our relationship with BLACKPINK. We will do our best to help BLACKPINK shine even brighter in the global music market in the future."

However, the renewal of BLACKPINK's group activity contract was not without its challenges. The members of the group had been pursuing different music and activities, and YG's support for the group had been perceived as weak as they rose to their current status as global stars.

Since their debut with "Whistle" and "Boombayah" in August 2016, BLACKPINK has released only seven albums, with only two of them being full-length albums. Their second full-length album was released last year, six years after their debut. In terms of output, this pales in comparison to their junior labelmates, TREASURE, who debuted in 2020 and have already released two full-length albums. BLACKPINK has only released 33 songs in the past seven years. When compared to 4th generation girl groups that debuted much later, such as aespa (29 songs), NewJeans (20 songs), and LE SSERAFIM (23 songs), the discrepancy is quite significant. Given BLACKPINK's ability to turn all their releases into global hits, including songs like "Ice Cream", "How You Like That", "Ddu-du Ddu-du", and "Playing with Fire", it's clear that with more attention and support from YG, their achievements could have been even greater.

While YG has announced plans for a new album and world tour for BLACKPINK, individual activity contracts have not yet been finalized, leaving it uncertain when full group activities can resume. Additionally, YG's current situation, which prevents them from properly promoting BLACKPINK while sending out BABYMONSTER to reduce the risk of BLACKPINK members leaving, raises doubts about whether they can provide the necessary support.

However, the members are eager to promote as a group, and YG doesn't have much time to spare. Contracts are generally renewed every two years, and BLACKPINK's activities account for over half of the company's profits, as they are the only artists left at YG apart from TREASURE, AKMU, and BABYMONSTER. The industry is watching closely to see if YG will now provide BLACKPINK with the treatment they deserve.


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BAEKedgoods407 pts Wednesday, December 6, 2023 4
Wednesday, December 6, 2023

If there's one thing I've learned about YGE it's that their ungreatfulness knows no bounds. Big Bang made YGE into what it is today (don't tell me about 1TYM, Jinusean, none of it. I don't want to hear it. The facts are YGE was NOT in the "Big 3" until Big Bang pushed them into that position and became the back bone of that company) and what did they do to GD? Tried to trademark that man's stage name because he left. After years of being a crutch for their a**es.

BlackPink baby girls. Take YGE to the cleaners girls. Suck them DRYYY. Get your worth!! Because as soon as they do not NEED you, they're going to spit in your face girls.

- see how they disbanded the 2ne1 without proper notice -

- see GDs current treatment-

Stand ON Business ladies. Take no sob story only 8 figure cheque's!

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Khrilizia2,248 pts Wednesday, December 6, 2023 1
Wednesday, December 6, 2023

From the comment section, so I conclude that :

1. YGE's technique is keeping artist in dungeon. They copy western artist's technique, only give comeback once in a while. It gives fans some contents to be stomaches properly.

2. If they give too much content or releases, the fans will be disinterested and eventually leave since there are too many contents.

3. However, BP members themselves (maybe all this times) want to do things more. More music release, shows, any activities. The members are grateful to YG since they don't work this team so hard to the bone. Their schedules are not so full it's crazy (as a group). This is what the members push through, the desire to do more especially with music and all.

4. In the end, YG said yes to them.





Do we have to see more? Even K-Netz applaud the members to actually want to say together (means they love to say together). The initial rumors are true. All the BP members want are more activities. They want to be productive. Seems like YG artist's problem is they don't have many schedules they want to do. It's not that they can't produce things. It's to make exclusive impression, social narratives like "YGE artist are not so active, but when they drop something, they drop bombs and explode with popularity everywhere."

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