Posted by Sophie-Ha Friday, November 24, 2023

Aespa's Ningning confesses that she can't use the bathroom when she attends music programs


In the latest episode of 'Bam House' that aired on November 24, aespa's Ningning made a special guest appearance and spent quality time with GOT7's BamBam.

At the beginning of the show, BamBam surprised the production team and viewers, appearing in bright orange hair. He revealed that he returned to Korea after finishing his first solo Stadium concert. He shared, "Let me brag a little bit. Today, I finished two days of BamBam solo concert Stadium... and it was sold out!" He continued, "In total, 50,000 seats were filled. I just wanted to let you know. Just in case Korean fans don't know. I'm so proud."

BamBam revealed that he flew to Korea in the morning so he could welcome the next guest on his show 'Bam House.'

When Ningning arrived, they began by sitting down and sharing a small snack - Skewers and BamBam's signature Somtam.

BamBam began the conversation by asking, "What's your MBTI?" and Ningning responded, "INFP." BamBam questioned, "INFPs are usually calm and quiet, right?" and Ningning refuted, "But you know... I'm working right now," making BamBam laugh.

BamBam continued, "I don't feel like you're an INFP. I think you have a little bit of an E (extrovert personality)."

Ningning responded, "I'm completely INFP. I'm E when I'm with close people. Normally I'm very shy so I can't even go to the bathroom alone when I'm backstage at a music show. Because there are too many people."

BamBam empathized and shared, "But I know that feeling," and added, "You know there are 4 bathrooms at Music Bank right? You know we always use the one on the side when you enter. There's a bathroom there but I never use that bathroom because there are too many people." He revealed, "So I go up to the second floor. I'm not supposed to use it but there's not as many people up there."

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Bombtwo5,131 pts Friday, November 24, 2023 2
Friday, November 24, 2023

Now don’t we all go to the toilet on the second, third or higher floors because it’s cleaner with less people?

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dominicartemis967 pts Friday, November 24, 2023 1
Friday, November 24, 2023

Don't know why but she's loveable

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