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K-Netizens debunk the international fans' claims about GD-Jennie on Twitter and tell them to stop dragging GD into V-Jennie's relationship rumors

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On September 4, some international fans posted "their proof" about GD-V relationship on Twitter. The tweets received a lot of interaction and drew the attention of K-netizens.

On September 5, K-netizens shared those tweets on Pann and easily debunked the rumors.

Read the thread and the comments below! 

Source: Pann

Article: Kim Taehyung's foreign fans are patheticㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Kim Taehyung's fans don't want to acknowledge V-Jennie, so they close their eyes and fabricate storiesㅋㅋㅋ

If you look at the quote tweets, they are saying, "Leave V alone, congratulations GD-Jennie, let Taehyung go." They don't acknowledge the pictures the hacker leaked, but they in sponsored items.

Those 'black cat keychains' are designed by Kim Heejun, sold at Comfort Seoul. Kim Heejun invited a lot of celebrities and gifted them the key chains. G-Dragon and Jennie were also the ones who were invited and received the keychains. And the photos (of G-Dragon) are taken at the Comfort Seoul event.

GD's is CHANEL pearl necklace, Jennie's not.


This necklace is from Ian Charms, and it's called BP Necklace. It's also sold at Comfort Seoul. Ian Charms' official Instagram page also confirmed that GD got it from Comfort Seoul when he visited there yesterday. If you take a closer look, GD didn't have that necklace at first. Him and Lee Soohyuk were at Comfort Seoul yesterday. After he got out of Comfort Seoul, he didn't have the necklace. So it was just some kind of promotion.


One of them claimed that GD took a selfie in Jennie's house because the mirrors and the "pillow cats" are the same.

First of all, the mirrors are not the same.
Secondly, that mirror became a trend thanks to GD and it's already called and being sold as "G-Dragon Mirror" since 2019. 

On the right is GD's, on the left is Jennie's mirror.

As for the pillow cat. That pic of Jennie is not from her house but from Ice Cream MV set.


And they claim that the this "rose" plushie is also their couple item.

First of all, they are not the same. Look at their colors and shapes.

Secondly, the one Jennie holding didn't really belong to her. It was her gift for Rosé on her birthday. And she gifted it to Rosé on February 2021. G-Dragon shared that picture last week. There is 1 and a half year difference. Additionally these plushies are very common in Korea.


They claim that GD's trying to make his relationship with Jennie obvious by liking a shipping video of himself with Jennie.

But GD likes countless posts that he's tagged every day. He probably doesn't even check the content. He liked posts including Bigbang OT4 & Bigbang OT5 photos, and shipping videos with IU and Dara too. Every day his international fans happily post screenshots to show GD liked their pictures.


They claim that the "J" on his bag is for Jennie, but they completely forget that his real name starts with "J" (Jiyong).


They claim that GD shared "KARMA" stories when V-Jennie pics were leaked. But they don't get that GD has been promoting Foundrae's collection named "KARMA".


They say that they are wearing the same bracelet... It's CHANEL and both of them are CHANEL ambassadors.

Someone says that GD's sister is following the page that leaked the Jeju pictures of Jennie and V, so there's something fishy. But that page is a fashion news page and a lot of people into fashion follow it. GD's sister is a fashion designer who has a clothing brand. Also BTS' stylist is following that page but they don't question it.

And the most embarrassing ones are above. They claim that 'gurumiharibo' who leaked Taehyung and Jennie photos is GD or his fan.
The reason is that he shared a pic with Haribo in 2019.
The other reason is that GD shared a picture in a cloudy day, with a tag #gurumyday (Cloudy day) in 2021.
And the other reason is that Jennie wore a customized bracelet "GURUM". The bracelet was also designed by Ian Charms.

They even try to spread rumors by using famous websites' names.

Someone claimed that they talked to GurumiHaribo on WhatsApp and implied that GurumiHaribo made it obvious as if he was GD or his fan. Pathetic.


Look at some tweets and see how happy they are in their own world full of lies.

1. [+156, -40]
Big Hit created the "boyfriend" image for BTS, especially for V. He used to act like he couldn't live without his fans, and he fed his delusional fans' dreams. But V seems already tired of it. Isn't it why Big Hit doesn't make an official statement? His fans will quit the fandom because V is a human being who can date girls, and he seems happy with Jennie now. I think he wants to make it obvious.

2. [+119, -5]
People should get used to seeing idols from the same companies wearing the same accessories/clothes. Most of time they are sponsored.

3. [+113, -28]
There are still V fans who cover their eyes not to see the truth on Pann, and try to connect Jennie and GD together. Please get a hold of yourselves

4. [+65, -3]
Why do they keep on dragging GD in? Seriously, his fans are also sick of it, so please just leave him alone.

5. [+48, -3]
V's fans aside, Jennie's fans are no joke eitherㅋㅋㅋㅋ V's fans are in full denial of V-Jennie. They are denying the truth and putting Jennie and GD together. Jennie's foreign fans have been grabbing Lisa by the hair and saying that Lisa is jealous of Jennie because she has a crush on G-Dragon

6. [+46, -1]
It's my first time seeing people grabbing someone by the hair that much because of other people's dating rumors

7. [+42, -1] I'm really sick of this, I hope they married. Will you grab GD by the hair even when they get married?

8. [+36, 0] I don't know much about this world but as K-pop is being globalized, it's becoming more scaryㅜ Korean fans are more calm (than international fans)

9. [+34, 0] Kim Taehyung today

10. [+34, -1] No but why would GD photoshop and leak the photos of V-Jennie? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAren't they too delusional? They are spreading rumors about GD on Twitter, how long are you going to do it, you crazy people? Some people believe in everything they see

11. [+28, -1] Please leave GD alone

12. [+26, 0] GD leaked the photos because he has nothing to do? ㅋㅋㅋ Seriously, there are so many different kind of idiots

13. [+19, -0] Don't believe in everything you see. Most of them are either fabricated or has an explanation

14. [+17, 0] International roaches are hopeless

15. [+15, 4] But wasn't it Taehyung who tried to make his relationship with Jennie obvious from the beginning? Why don't his fans think that gurumiharibo could be Taehyung then?

(Taehyung's Instagram story: "Let's pick up the clouds (gurum) + Haribo concept)

15. [+14, 0] They also said that Lisa leaked the photosㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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