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Jimin's international fans continue to unveil heartwarming global projects the world for his upcoming birthday celebrations

Jimin's birthday month, October, better known as 'Jimtober,' is usually a month-long festival to commemorate his birthday. It is marked by different kinds of projects and activities as fans give their best to portray their pure love and support for their favorite idol. They do so intending to make sure that their undying love and support reaches Jimin in any and every way possible, and this is why 'Jimtober' is such a big deal for Jimin's fans.

Just as the Chinese and Korean fans have been enthusiastic about Jimin's upcoming birthday, preparing grand projects of epic scales to celebrate this big day as previously reported [read here and here], his international fans are equally busy planning all kinds of beautiful and heartwarming projects as they also anticipate the big day. Of note is that as fans plan these projects, they always strive to reflect Jimin's kind and selfless heart, doing their very best to walk in his footsteps.

In the past few weeks, many of Jimin's international fanbases have announced numerous projects of a wide variety; all spread across the world, including regions like Kenya, Nigeria, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Nicaragua, USA, South Africa, Chile, Austria, Myanmar, Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia, and many others. 

So far, the projects that have been announced are aimed at highly significant causes, including benefiting animals, children, women, the elderly, the underprivileged in society, refugees, and those suffering from specific medical conditions. Moreover, there are community projects to improve the livelihoods or the quality of life of residents of specific areas, such as through the provision of clean water to make it more accessible to the residents of the region and tree planting for environmental conservation, among other activities. What is more, other fanbases have organized café events and cup sleeve events to bring Jimin's fans together and enjoy the day together!

These are some of the posts from the different international Jimin fanbases detailing their respective birthday celebration projects.

All these beautiful and touching activities show just how much Jimin has influenced his fans to be good humans based on his own words and actions, and it explains why he is immensely loved and adored worldwide.

More and more projects keep being announced as the day draws near, and fans are excited about each one of them for their contribution to making the day meaningful.

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jimin birthday is a celebration of love

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Great birthday projects. Jimin is really loved and adored worldwide

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