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[CONCERT REVIEW] NCT 127 rocks the stage at their sold-out 'NEO CITY : THE LINK' show in Manila


On September 4, NCT 127 returned to the Philippines for the first time in three years since the 'K-Pop World Music Festival' in 2019; it was also their first-ever solo concert in the country.

The Manila stop of their 'NEO CITY : THE LINK' took place at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena; the venue was filled with eye-catching lime green lights. A large crowd gathered outside the venue hours before the concert, with the usual fan interactions taking place.

Seats began to fill up as the gates opened, given that the concert was immediately sold out — fans even wanted a day two, concert promoter PULP Live World tried to get another day of NCT 127's show but decided not to do so to give the artists time to recover — it was mesmerizing to see fans light up the venue with lime green, the official color of NCT's lightstick. The members even stated that the concert is only one night and that they plan to return to the Philippines with a two- or three-day show.

NCTzens (NCT's fandom name) have definitely waited for this moment — the group's solo concert — to come, seeing the pent-up energy being released as well as the spirited noise and chants from around 15,000 fans at the venue. During the three-hour show, the group performed a total of 31 songs, including solo and group performances.

Fans greeted the group with loud screams as the clock struck 5 PM PST, and they waved their lightsticks vigorously as the group took the stage.

Decked out in white suits looking sharp, with their otherworldly visuals overflowing, the boys of NCT 127 kicked off the set with the solid banger "Kick It," starting the show with the members' high energy. NCT 127 then transitioned into "Lemonade," a trap hip-hop song with an infectious chorus that brought out their luscious vocals.

The boys then performed the hyper-progressive track "Simon Says," displaying their dance moves and synchronization. NCT 127 had only performed three songs out of several more on the setlist, but they had already served the audience, getting everyone excited.

During the first segment, the members introduced themselves one by one, prompting fans to scream in support of all of the boys.

NCT 127 then took the stage and performed "Elevator," "Dreamer," and "Love Song," wowing the audience with their live vocal prowess and insane body isolations. It was, without a doubt, a concert to enjoy to the fullest.

Following the set of songs, Taeil performed "Another World" solo, then he and Haechan performed "Love Sign" as a unit, wowing the audience with their incredible, unfathomable live vocal and dance skills.

The boys then moved closer to the audience as they serenaded and performed the English version of "Highway to Heaven" in front of fans, followed by the boys' performance of "Breakfast," during which they danced holding their official lightstick, making everyone dance along to the beat.

The crowd erupted in screams after Mark's solo performance of "Vibration" wowed the audience with his commanding stage presence. 

Taeyong then took over the stage with his solo performance of "Moonlight," during which he unexpectedly removed his shirt, eliciting even more noise from the audience. Both returned to the stage for a unit performance of "The Himalayas," and their stage presence and well-executed dance moves made them nail it yet again.

Jungwoo took the stage next with his solo performance of "Lipstick," leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of the audience.

Next, Johnny rocked the stage with his shirt taken off, performing "Focus," which had everyone focused on him. 

Jaehyun put a big smile on his face as he performed "Lost" solo, which showcased his powerful yet soothing vocal prowess, hitting the right notes from start to finish. During the show, Jaehyun asked the crowd to sing "Lost" with him.

"It's so exciting that I will be able to perform after such a long time again,' the members shared. Taeyong added, "When I imagine you guys... Insane!". "While performing, it got hot in here. It's hot!" Johnny remarked.

NCT 127 made the night even more memorable with their stellar performances of "The Rainy Night and "White Night," followed by a performance of "Back 2 U."

Following that, Doyoung demonstrated his unrivaled distinct live vocal prowess as he sang his heart out in his performance of "The Reason Why It's My Favorite." Doyoung then explained the meaning of the song, saying, "The title means 'I love you guys.'"

Following that was the group's performance of their 2021 hit single "Favorite (Vampire)," beginning with the iconic whistling sound; the boys filled the stage with their charismatic presence.

The boys brought their energy with them as they "Bring The Noize" in a show-stopping performance. The following songs the group performed include "Love On The Floor," "Paradise," "Touch," and "Love Me Now."

Next, Yuta performed "Butterfly" for his solo stage. With how he executed the meaningful and artistic dance moves well, Yuta gave an astounding performance, and you could feel his emotions while performing the song. 

NCT 127 then performed two of their biggest hits, the upbeat and enjoyable "Cherry Bomb" and the iconic stark flute melody track "Sticker." The nine members lit up the stage as they sang "Dreams Come True" and "Promise You," a fitting way to end the jam-packed concert.

Throughout the show, the boys of NCT 127 gave their all performing for their Filipino fans. The members did not disappoint throughout the three-hour concert, and they were able to execute the dance choreography of each song they performed well, as well as their live vocal skills that were satisfying to hear and well worth watching. The crowd was lively throughout the show, which gave NCT 127 more energy to perform on stage.

The band wrapped up the show by taking photos with fans to commemorate the magnificent, unforgettable night with NCTzens.

NCT 127's 'NEO CITY : THE LINK' in Manila was presented by PULP Live World.

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