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Posted by A-Nish Friday, May 20, 2022

Must-Listen Legendary Tracks by BTS’s Rapline


The members of BTS are kind of divided into two subunits. Three in the rap line and four in the vocal line. The highly talented Suga, RM, and JHope are in the rap line. They are rappers, lyricists, and producers. The unit of these three has given us some potent songs. The vocal line as well has released wide-ranging tracks, but that is a discussion for another day. For this one, we will focus on the rap line and some of their best tracks.

All their songs, especially the Cyphers, are a must-listen. These three go absolute bonkers and do not hold back on spitting fire with the lyrics. Well, check out this list to know all about the songs by the rap line of BTS.

The 4 Cyphers (Various Albums)

There are 4 Cyphers, and each one showcases the best of the rap line. Their unique forms and rapping styles shine well in these tracks. The first Cypher was released in 2013 and was part of O!RUL8,2?, while the fourth one came out with the WINGS album. It isn't easy to put in words, the power these four tracks hold. So, I’m just going to ask you to give them a listen. Also, good luck trying to process the lyrics.

Outro: Her (Love Yourself: Her)

This brought a shift from the Cyphers. With mellow rap and a soft chorus, the song gave us a new side of the rap line. The lyrics feel like a love confession but can be interpreted in many ways. The entire ‘Love Yourself’ series was teased in the chorus part of the song where they sing, “All of my WONDER, You’re the ANSWER. I call you HER, Cause you’re my TEAR.”

Outro: Tear (Love Yourself: Tear)

This song is extremely personal to the boys as it came at a stressful time in their careers. Its performance during the concerts, especially with ‘Dior Hoseok,’ is one for the history books. But once you realize that the hard-hitting lyrics talk about the band’s story and their state of mind back then, it changes everything.

Ddaeng (Festa Release)

DDaeng was released on June 11, 2018, as part of the group’s Festa celebration. RM, JHope along with Suga wrote, produced, and composed the song. This is considered one of their most intricate tracks, with too many traditional references that hold a deeper meaning. You need significant research and knowledge to get the essence of this song. Such a masterpiece deserves to be on Spotify.

Ugh (Map of the Soul: 7)

Wordplay at its best, we must say. Ugh is like a sound of frustration. It tells us that anger might be necessary sometimes, but it is mostly destructive. Rage can kill a person from the inside. You get easily consumed by it and let the anger destroy everyone. You cause harm to someone else’s life. The rappers express their outrage at this malicious anger.

The power that BTS’ rap line hold is immense. Their songs are an experience. Understanding the lyrics and getting immersed into the flow of their rap, truly takes you on a journey. What are your thoughts on these tracks?

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The rap line is the root of BTS. They’ve produced most of BTS hits songs. I hope they’ll get more spotlight in the future 🖤

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