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Youtuber Grandma Makrye, also known as 'Korean Grandma,' shares the item Sulli gave her that she cherishes the most


On March 31, many fans and netizens were overwhelmed by the sad emotions as they reminisced about the late Sulli

This is because Grandma Makrye, also known as YouTuber 'Korean Grandma,' shared how she has been cherishing the lipstick that Sulli had gifted her two years ago. On this day, Grandma Makrye posted a 'get ready with me' video and shared how she gets ready to go out.

In the video, Grandma Makrye introduced the makeup she uses to doll up. She explained that most of her cosmetics are gifts are from her fans, and she can't frivolously use them because they were her fans' gifts. In particular, grandma Makrye garnered attention when she showed off a lipstick that she cherishes the most and explained that Sulli had given them to her. Grandma Makrye went to say, "This is a lipstick that is very precious to me. I will save it and use it a little. Sulli, Thank you."

The netizen who shared the captures of the video also shared the Instagram post that Grandma Makrye uploaded in memory of Sulli.

In the Instagram post, Grandma Makrye wrote, "Sulli, my kind and kindhearted Sulli, do everything you want to do in heaven. The day I meet you again, I bring you Kimchi. My beloved Sulli, rest in peace. Sulli, I love you, I love you."

 After seeing the video and the post, fans expressed how sad they were and overwhelmed with emotions after seeing that Grandma Makrye had cherished the lipstick for over two years.

Netizens and fans joined the online community and shared various comments in memory of the late singer, as well as comments on how precious Grandma Makrye is for keeping the lipstick over the years. 

Netizens commented, "I am crying after I read she will bring Sulli Kimchi," "I am crying so much," "Grandma Makrye kept that lipstick for so long," "I miss Sulli so much," "I remember Grandma Makrye bought Sulli clothes and brought her Kimchi," "My tears..." "I started crying when she said she would bring her Kimchi," "This is so heartwarming but makes me sad at the same time," "I really miss Sulli," "I really loved the video when Grandma Makrye met with Sulli so I subscribed to her then," "Makes me want to cry so bad," "We can see that Grandma Makrye cherished that lipstick so much," and "It's been over two years since she got that lipstick from Sulli, and she's still using it."

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love_seungyeon214 pts Thursday, March 31, 2022 0
Thursday, March 31, 2022

This is heart-wrenching. Poor girl. Rest in peace, Sulli. You were gone but will never be forgotten.

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NoReply7,870 pts Thursday, March 31, 2022 0
Thursday, March 31, 2022

This is so heartbreaking. I hope someone is comforting Hee-nim right now, they were so close.

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