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Top 10 K-Pop rap duos that leave us breathless


Rap makes up for an essential component of K-Pop. As a matter of fact, K-Pop has reimagined and integrated rap into genres other than hip-hop, creating unique cultural products. Rappers, therefore, are held in high regard for their incredible talent, just like vocalists and dancers are—the more unique, the better. With the huge influx of talent into K-Pop, standing out is almost a prerequisite for success.

Here are 10 of our favorite rap duos who simply leave us breathless, listed in no particular order.

BLACKPINK Lisa and Jennie

BLACKPINK's rap line is easily one of K-Pop's most fiery and powerful ones ever. The fierceness Lisa and Jennie hold together is simply unmatched.

BIGBANG G-Dragon and T.O.P

No one compares to the OG K-Pop rap duo, G-Dragon and T.O.P. After all, they are known as the idols of idols for a reason! From the speed to the flow to their lyrics, this duo is simply perfection, and we cannot help but wish for a comeback soon.


MINO and Bobby together are simply a treat to watch. They're powerhouses of talent individually and together. Their energy is unbelievable.

MONSTA X I.M and Joohoney

MONSTA X goes above and beyond with any concept they take on. The same goes for their rap line. There's only one word to describe I.M and Joohoney on stage: unstoppable.

TWICE Dahyun and Chaeyoung

Dahyun and Chaeyoung have a penchant for making rap sound good with any genre or concept they're working with. Regardless of whether it is cute and lovely bubblegum pop or charming and mysterious jazz-pop, TWICE's rap line has all the bases covered.

DREAMCATCHER Dami and Gahyeon

Dami's deep rap tone combined with Gahyeon's unique vocal color is a match made in heaven. We're nothing short of obsessed with how good this duo is at setting the stage on fire with their rap.

Bang Yongguk and Zelo

 When it comes to rappers in the Korean music industry as a whole, two names always emerge as superior: Bang Yongguk and Zelo. In all of K-Pop, there has not been another power rap duo quite like this. 

2NE1 CL and Minzy

This list would simply not be valid without CL and Minzy. No one, in or out of K-Pop, can do it like them. With style and panache, on the one hand, and technique and command on the other, these women are the queens of K-Pop for a reason.

ATEEZ Hongjoong and Mingi

Both Hongjoong and Mingi's rapping styles are distinct from one another, but they come together so brilliantly that ultimately, they're unbeatable.


ASTRO Rocky and Jinjin

Listening to Rocky and Jinjin rapping together has to be one of the highest pleasures in the world. While they are both incredible artists in their own right, as a duo, their performance will metaphorically have you levitating.

  1. ASTRO
  2. Jinjin
  3. Rocky
  4. ATEEZ
  5. Mingi
  6. Hongjoong
  7. Bang Yong Guk
  8. Zelo
  9. Big Bang
  10. T.O.P
  11. G-Dragon
  13. Jennie
  14. Lisa
  15. Dream Catcher
  16. iKON
  17. Bobby
  18. MONSTA X
  19. Jooheon
  20. I.M
  21. TWICE
  22. Dahyun
  23. Chaeyoung
  24. WINNER
  25. Song Min Ho (Mino)
  26. 2NE1
  27. CL
  28. Minzy
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Chibibeast91292 pts 22 days ago 0
22 days ago

GD and TOP... iconic !

Hongjoong and Mingi raps are so differents but when they are together its sounds really amazing.

CL and Minzy are so great as duo (also solo)

Bang yongguk and zelo... also iconic.

I'm not really familiar with the other on this list but i'm sure they are really good too :)



lymli_queen6,812 pts 22 days ago 0
22 days ago

I'll go for t.o.p and gd, and bang and zelo



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