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Woman alleges actor Kim Min Gwi cheated on her several times, including during his COVID-19 quarantine


The alleged ex-girlfriend of a 'Nevertheless' actor for his poor treatment of her during their relationship.

On July 24 KST, the netizen shared a post through an online community with the title, "The true nature of an actor from drama 'N_v_rth_l_ss' is revealed."

"You keep appearing on television, and you repeatedly upload photos on Instagram, but I wish that everyone knew that you were a selfish, non-human, bad piece of trash,"
they began.

According to the post, they dated actor 'A' for six years, and during that time, he cheated on them with several women, had one-night stands, went clubbing, and was verbally abusive. They also recalled a time when his attitude suddenly became cold, with them eventually finding out that he had been secretly seeing someone else for around a month.

At one point, 'A' even broke COVID-19 safety protocol by leaving his quarantine location without permission to keep cheating, despite knowing he had recently been in close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient. He allegedly also did not inform them when it was eventually revealed he was a confirmed COVID-19 case himself.

"I was worried about you when you tested positive for COVID-19, but later, it turned out that you were seeing someone behind my back, and even when you started self-quarantine, you snuck out at dawn to meet her,"
they continued.

While the netizen does not reveal the name of the actor, many have concluded that the 'Nevertheless' actor in question is Kim Min Gwi, who made headlines after testing positive for COVID-19 in late May. 

Meanwhile, Kim Min Gwi's agency Big Picture Entertainment has responded that they are currently looking into the truth of the claims made through the post.

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dreamerinreality57 pts Sunday, July 25, 2021 4
Sunday, July 25, 2021

ok girl! we get it you have been betrayed and he is a piece of shit. I WILL MAKE SURE NOT TO DATE HIM! is this enough with the blacklashing? I mean what is this information suppose to make me feel? i had 0 intention of dating him LOL. He is an actor, he is good at his work and this is enough for me and for every viewer out there. Being a total douchebag of course is not right and by no means I am accepting this type of behaviour and I am sorry this happened to you. But dating someone for 6 years means that after a while you knew and accepted this behaviour probably because you were hoping he would change or right his wrongdoings. I am not putting any blame here to nobody, but it is (as being someone who has been through something similar) foolish to believe that someone will change when he has a trashy behaviour, it took myself long enough to accept it as well. SO SORRY TO RUIN YOUR ROMANCE. but a lot of people out there are like this. By no means i am saying here that this is fine. But sis honestly the only thing you have to do when someone behaves and acts like that is to walk away FROM THE VERY START and not hope for changes.


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Mary-Luchies162 pts Sunday, July 25, 2021 3
Sunday, July 25, 2021

Then move on !!

What are we supposed to do with this ? Hate him for being a bad boyfriend?
idk how Koreans actually think ?


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