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Mr. Trot's Kim Hee Jae tests positive for COVID19


Mr. Trot singer Kim Hee Jae tested positive for the COVID19.

According to reports by SpoTV News, Kim Hee Jae was confirmed to have been tested positive for the COVID19 virus on July 20. 

Kim Hee Jae tested for the virus when the members of 'Ppong School' such as Park Tae Hwan and Mo Tae Bum, tested positive for COVID19. Mr. Trot's top 6 members, such as Lim Young Woong, Young Tak, Jung Dong Won, and Jang Min Ho, have also received the testing with Kim Hee Jae.

Jang Min Ho tested positive while Lim Young Woong, Young Tak, Kim Hee Jae, and Jung Dong Won tested negative but still went into self-quarantine. However, Young Tak began showing symptoms during quarantine and tested positive during a re-examination. Kim Hee Jae also tested positive when he went for a re-testing.

According to reports, Kim Hee Jae was classified as a person who came in close contact with an infected individual. While he was in self-quarantine, he began showing symptoms which led to the re-examination. 

Currently, three members of the top 6 'Mr.Trot' members have tested positive for the COVID19, putting a pause in their activities. New Era Project stated, "Kim Hee Jae is currently under self-quarantine, following the protocols and guidelines of the authorities. Kim Hee Jae will continue to follow the guidelines of the quarantine authorities until he is able to secure his health."

Meanwhile, Kim Hee Jae drew attention by donating 10 million KRW when he heard that a large number of confirmed cases of the COVID19  occurred in the Navy's Cheonghae Unit on the morning of the 20th while waiting for the results after re-examination. Kim Hee Jae decided to donate to the Navy after hearing that 82% of the 301 soldiers who were dispatched to the Cheonghae Unit's 34th Jin Munmu Royal Fleet were confirmed to have been confirmed to have COVID19.

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crystalwildfire6,003 pts 13 days ago 0
13 days ago

Man, so many now catching it. I hope he has a speedy recovery. Mask up everyone!



souphater813 pts 12 days ago 0
12 days ago

I just looked it up on this site so I could be sure that I didn't remember it wrongly. Mr. Trot is indeed the same group that performed live concerts in Cheongju during the current rise of the Corona virus in South Korea, concerts were attendees didn't keep their distance from each other. Why does their company act however they want without any regard for human life or the consequences their decisions cause? You can be sure that more people got infected thanks to these concerts and now it's one of their own artists as well. *sigh*



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