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Actress Kim Bin Woo displays her slim fit figure after going from 75 kg to 52 kg


Actress Kim Bin Woo showed off her slim figure recently.

On July 7, Kim Bin Woo posted a few photos on her Instagram story showing off her fit body. She gathered attention as she showed off her prominent collar bones that showed clearly after she had shed much weight.

Earlier, she drew attention as she revealed a pictorial of her chiseled abs that was toned through diligent exercise and diet maintenance. She explained that it was a full-body pictorial celebrating her age as she is turning 40.

In particular, Kim Bin Woo revealed that she had gained weight after giving birth to her second child. She explained she had weighed 75 kg (165 lb) and decided to go on a diet. Since then, she had been consistently posting updates on her diet and exercise. She recently amazed her fans as she revealed she had lost weight and now weighs 52 kg (114.4 lb). 

She explained, "I haven't had a single piece of rice for two weeks but I think it was a good experience and there is a lot I have to learn." 

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin married her husband, who is a businessman, back in 2015 and gave birth to one son and one daughter.

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Nicole_Cervantes4,345 pts 16 days ago 0
16 days ago

Wait... she's had two children and she still looks like that? That's pretty impressive.



eager_beaver2,898 pts 16 days ago 1
16 days ago

Unlike what many seem to incorrectly say, Bin Woo is now of a healthy weight. So she is not "anorexic" - that's a completely hyperbolic exaggeration. That picture of her collar bones is due to the camera angle and her emphasizing them. That first picture of her shows a fit woman. Nowadays so many are overweight that people have lost all perspective of what a human body of healthy weight looks like. Excess layers of fat has become normalized. Human bodies are the product of millions of years of evolution in an environment with little to eat, so they became adapted to surviving on little nutrition, and being quite thin. From a physiological standpoint there's nothing necessarily wrong with having a body which lacks "meat on its bones".

Having said that, what's worrying about these Korean celebrities' weight loss stories are the methods which they often choose to achieve their goal weights. The methods are quick and rely on extreme changes to the celebrities' diets. The only focus seems to be calories, while nutrition seems to be ignored. The weight comes off quickly, of course, but it's not good for the body, and it's difficult to maintain a weight which is the result of a crash diet.


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