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Close to 80,000 Weibo comments talk about Kris Wu for allegedly ghosting a non-celebrity girlfriend and leaving her depressed


Netizens on Weibo have left piles of comments on a post concerning the former EXO member Kris Wu.

According to Weibo-Talk, a post on Weibo revealed a recent account of Kris who allegedly ghosted a non-celebrity girl he was dating and caused her to become depressed. On Weibo, this post has garnered close to 80,000 comments. 

Based on the original post, the non-celebrity girl in question was in a relationship with Kris until one day he ghosted her. The uploader, an alleged friend of the ex-girlfriend, claimed that Kris left her "depressed," eventually causing her to skip school. 

The sensitive nature of the rumor, including the presumable age gap between the two, sparked debate among fans and attracted many reactions on Weibo.

Some comments translated by Weibo-Talk include:

What are your thoughts on the situation?


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cherryblossombae1,875 pts 6 days ago 3
6 days ago

I’m not even his fan- but let’s be honest would ppl even care if he wasn’t celebrity?no they wouldn’t

but now that he is a celebrity every mistake is big problem for netizens for some reason (and the girl didn’t even show proper proof- I’m not that big editor but even I can make those pics in few mins-)

And wish netizens could keep same energy for criminals and serious issues (rather than a celebrity’s personal life-)


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loh660 pts 6 days ago 1
6 days ago

Ghosting culture is so normalized now that people cant even take the time to properly break up anymore (saying that as a general statement cuz we dont know if that story is true)


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